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JH Wilson Top Mill?

Hi, a quick question - is JH Wilson Top Mill what we'd call an SP snuff? What exactly IS the definition of an SP snuff?

More importantly - can you buy larger tins of Top Mill? I can only seem to find small tins - and since this is becoming my go-to snuff, I'm trying to find a larger size.



  • Yes it's an SP. What exactly that means is the subject of much conjecture, try oogle searching this site.
  • DxxDxx Member
    Certainly an SP, and a very good one imo.
  • Medicated 99 and SP No.1 are both available in larger tins, but not Top Mill. At least I've never seen the larger tins anywhere, and I have looked.

    SP is a lightly scented snuff, typically with a little bergamot or citrus, and many makers have an SP type snuff in their repertoire. Wilson's of Sharrow still have several in their line up, and JHW's SP No.1 is their version of a WoS snuff. Top Mill was their own scenting profile

    (as both mills were from the same family, and the JHW site was on a hill overlooking the WoS site, it became known locally as the Top Mill, with WoS known as the Bottom Mill)

  • Ah! Very interesting - thank you!
  • I find Top Mill from the 5g bone dry sneezebox better than SP No1 in the same form. And No1 in the 20g tin is spectacular. So would jump all over the chance to get a real tin of Top Mill. If it ever comes available
  • There were times when JHW released Top Mill in 25 g vac tins. It was still available back in 2009 in some UK shops. Just imagine the joy of those folks who found the source! Old lovely thread with a picture of large Top Mill tin:
  • Hah thanks for the link @volunge !

    A guy there sums it up: "I would punch 3 people and their moms if I could find this in a 25g'er" :D
  • Bone dry sneezebox sums it up well @ar47. JH would sell loads of Top Mill if they ever brought it back in 25g vac cans.
  • The last couple of 'tins' of JHW SP no1 I've had are made by McBarens. They are a round thin sneezebox and aren't like SP No1 I remember. From the same tobacconist I got supposedly Medicated 99 - that was in a small Wilson's type tin but actually had Hedges in it!!!
  • Have a rectangular tin I got back in 1983 while summing in London in my teenager days. For certain bone dry and opened just a few years ago and is very well treasured as is. Excellent and irreplaceable. Top Mill is in my top drawer of dry snuffs!
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