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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Toque Weekly Top 10

I am constantly being asked about best sellers, top flavours, most popular Toques and I just thought I'd compile a top 10. I hope this is of assistance.

Week ending Saturday the 15th of April 2017

1. ToqueUSA Whiskey and Honey
2. Toque Spanish Gem
3. Toque Quit
4. Toque Raspberry Menthol
5. Toque St Clements
6. Toque Whisky and honey
7. Toque Grapefruit
8. Toque Limited Edition Ambrosia
9. Silver Dollar Medicated
10 ToqueUSA Peach


  • No Berwick Brown??? :-O
  • You'll have to buy tons of it to get it into the top 10. It's around the 40 mark.
  • This is probably addressed elsewhere, but what's the difference between ToqueUSA Whiskey and Honey and Toque Whisky and honey?
  • Very interesting. Is this from the Toque website sales only or combined with other shops ?
    USA W&H is a truly great complex and intense snuff,
    I wonder why Toast&Marmalade isn't in the Top10, ridiculously good craftsmanship.
    We want more Infos, I want to see all of the statistics !

  • This is only from Toque Online. Toast and Marmalade is in the top 20. I'll count the sales and let you know its exact position.

    ToqueUSA Whiskey and Honey is on a blend of toast and rustica, flavoured with bourbon whiskey and a couple of other ingredients. Toque Whisky and Honey is on a toasted base and flavoured with malt whisky and other flavourings. 
  • Thanks - sounds like I need to try both!
  • I'm surprised to see that the Ambrosia made the given that it hasnt been out long.
  • Aamon, It has sold like crazy. The big ad on the front page really helped to catch peoples attention. 
  • I should also say the top 3 dominate. The old Whisky and Honey used to have the number one spot but has been usurped by the young pretender.
  • Roderick- proof positive me thinks Ambrosia should be a part of your regular line up. Kinda star midfielder, young, talented, bright future ahead. Lots of years ahead, maybe captain of (insert your own team/country here).....
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    LOL! Don't say that it will go to Aamons head. He takes the credit.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    ahahaha no credit due at all, anyway who's the pretty lady on the Ambrosia add?
  • My Wife!
  • She told me to say that.
  • lucky man
  • @Roderick So are you the crazy looking guy on the Silver Dollar Banner ?

    This is a great thread. I hope they become regular features. 
  • Are these top 10 by number of tins sold, by grams sold, or by revenue ? 
  • I wish! I'm the daft old guy seen here.
  • I'm just adding up the kilos of the top sellers. Some of the worst sellers hardly even register a few gram's a week. Violet only sold 20g's this week, Rose only sold 130g's, Champagne 260g's and Lavender 430g's. I'm not giving away the figures for the top sellers. I'm afraid that is too confidential.
  • SvHSvH Member
    Interesting list. I don't like the USA Whiskey & Honey at all, and Violet is my favorite Toque snuff... Do I need to worry now? :-/  ;)

    Thanks for sharing the list!

  • I love the Violet and Pomegranate! Oh, and the Whisky and Honey USA!
  • Only two of the ones in the top sellers list are in my personal top 10 Toque's, but all that does is show how our tastes vary.
  • Whoops, i better stock up on rose. USA W&H is already my all-time favorite, i have tried 60 plus snuffs in the past year. My other fave toques are natural toast, usa lime toast. i am still forming opinions on SG, ambrosia, original and several others recently bought.Violet is great but i can't handle its intensity too much. But we're all different in our tastes as has been said. Quit was a useful tool for me but not one of my faves
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 2017 PM

    Week ending Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

    1. ToqueUSA Whiskey and Honey

    2. Toque SpanishGem

    3. Toque Quit

    4. Toque Whisky and honey

    5. Toque Original

    6. Toque NaturalToast

    7. Toque Cheeseand Bacon

    8. Toque SPExtra

    9. SilverDollar Medicated

    10. Toque Raspberry Menthol

  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    These top seven are always close to the top ten or there about. It amazes me what pops in every so often. Raspberry Menthol is a big seller but St Clements is hardly in the top 20. All it takes is a number of 400g bags and a snuff shoots up the list. However the top three are very unlikely to change position and Cheese and Bacon, Whisky and Honey, Natural Toast and Original are always hoping around. 
  • SpamSpam Member
    I can't believe cheese and bacon sells at all!
  • Spam,
    Neither can I!
  • I see a lot of snus and pipe users on FB starting to buy snuff. I always point them to  And rave about the service, selections and quality. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Week ending Saturday the 29th 0f April 2017
    1. ToqueUSA Whiskey and Honey
    2. Toque Spanish Gem
    3. Toque Whisky and Honey
    4. Toque Quit
    5. Toque Original
    6. Toque Natural Toast
    7. Toque SP Extra
    8. Toque Cheese and Bacon
    9. Toque Raspberry Menthol
    10. Toque Menthol
  • ChicoChico Member
    Has the success of Cheese & Bacon made you consider others in the same style?  Pepperoni Pizza, Curried Chips, Beans on Toast, Scotch Egg, or maybe Haggis?   :-&
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