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Reddit Subreddit for Nasal snuff.

I would like to remind people about the reddit page for nasal snuff. It is a really easy to use forum and you can find some really nice people there. They are really appreciative of contributions ( and maybe have fewer crotchety members).

Posting there is really easy and posts never get cut off. 

Also it is more-or-less self moderating, so no need to go digging to find good posts.


  • Do they allow flaming, name-calling, and off-topic fascist rants?  

  • @chico it is self moderated so those type of comments get down voted and you don't see them
  • So you're not happy?  Crotchety Members?

     There are also face book pages and sometimes they are a tight knit group. They also can be live interaction with other members in your time zone. I think there are Yahoo snuff groups and Google plus snuff groups also. I am sure you will find a good home. Nothing bothers me. 

     I will check reddit out. Always happy to share my knowledge.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman, not that I'm not happy. I am grateful for all the info that I get here. But some times people can post comments that aren't in the best taste and then they need to be flagged and moderators need to get involved.

    On reddit comments are voted up and down, so you see the most relevant ones. Also comments are threaded. Also it is a much easier forum to use. The Vanilla forms software is really buggy and cumbersome.

    I don't have a facebook account ( and don't want one ) .

  • Good luck on all your endeavor.   :-h
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I stay away from reddit tbh.
  • @afterglow, any reason why ? I find the site very easy to use and I see the things I'm interested in.
  • Anything interesting I'm sure you've redit here.
  • hmmmm, this thread is seriously threatening the forum's supremacy and exclusivity
    new infos... horizon expanding, self moderating... that sounds like apocalypse 
    such a wild world out there
    let's delete it !!!!!
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • I just looked at the reddit site, and it doesn't seem to have different forums, still it's a resorce so thank you
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Gilliat Supremacy? Exclusivity?
  • @Hitsuzen, I hope you will check it out. You could be  a real asset there.
  • @tboyer 

    What do you mean by different forums ? 

    You can post an article/ discussion and then discuss it. pretty straighforward. 
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    I've been looking though that site for the past couple of days. I dont know, it just seems alittle impersonal or detached (i'm struggling to find the right word for it). It has some interesting topic though nothing I havent read on here, though I have to say it is very easy to navigate. All im trying to say I guess is that its not really for me, I love the family/group/collective nature/feeling that I get from this site that I havent really seen or experienced elsewhere.
    Thank you for the reference though.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    I think there's a lot of validity in joining multiple groups, meeting as many people as you can. Snuffhouse was my first snuff group, but I'm also a member of Nasal Snuff Takers and Modern Snuff (Facebook), Cigar Geeks (forum), Distinguished Ruffians (mostly Instagram), and Briar Nation (both Facebook and the standalone forum), which I consider my all around tobacco related home group. I get something different from each one. Here, for example, I see the widest exchange of information, while at BN I enjoy more personal connections.
  • I only use Snuffhouse.

    I've found the various pipe forums to be unpleasant - crippled by groupthink, condescending to noobs and light users, obsessed with hoarding, and the pitchforks come out if you don't follow suit. Reddit seemed a little soulless when I visited it in the past, and Facebook and YouTube (well, Google as a whole actually) are data raping parasites who I avoid them wherever possible.

    Besides which, if it isn't here, it's probably not worth knowing anyway.
  • @yisraeldov Forums as in separate section for different topics, such as types of snuff etc. So if  want to find out about "snuff spoons" I would go to the Snuff Accessories section
  • @tboyer, no, not really. If you wanted to find out about snuff spoons on reddit you would probably just post a new question. 

    There are sicky posts that can be added to. And also "flare" to tag.
  • @50ft_trader

    That was the kind of "crotchety" behavior I was referring to. Not you personally, but calling Google "data raping parasites" . Google is not stealing your data any more than any one else. What is more, google will let you open an account without entering your real name, unlike services like Facebook.  Do you really think google is worse than any of the other big technology companies ? What are you doing about it ? Are you only posting on sites that aren't indexed by google ? Do you use only duckduck.go for searching ? Do you use linux or some other Open source project for your main OS, ( and I'm @hitsuzen's worderfull snuff doesn't count) ? 

  • Hi @yisraeldov I'll openly admit to being a little crotchetty, but that doesn't make me wrong - and yes, I try to minimise their exposure to my data/metadata out of principle.

    I have no problems with ad revenue, providing I'm not being treated as a commodity and being farmed for data. It's by far my biggest peeve with today's world. I fully appreciate that others take a different view and I wish them luck, health and happiness, but I have to be true to myself.

  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @yisraeldov Actually, I do use Linux Mint 18.1
  • @Hitsuzen, I figured YOU got the OSP name from some where.  I use linux on my work computer and all my home. Just installed Ubuntu Mate on 2 computers at home, and I had Mint on a different one that was for friends to use. 

    How long are you using linux ? Is Mint the first distro that you tried ? 

    @50ft_trader, are YOU using linux ( or some other OSS operating system )? If you aren't then you are still being "data farmed" more aggressively than anything google does. Do you know what back-doors are in your computer? Or your smart phone ? I usual find that most of the time when some one spreads or overreacts to  FUD it is cause of ignorance of the topic. 

    I have much more to say on this, but find myself to be sounding a bit crotchety.  
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited April 2017 PM

    I did try linux, but it was incompatible with my modem. No drivers available. I need to get a linux compatible wireless modem and try again. Most of my online use is on my phone - a blackberry. I am also selective of what sites/services I use online. I'm becoming more inclined to phase back to an analogue existence, and cut my digital footprint down to the essentials, but haven't quite done so yet.

    Oh, and most of my computer use is offline, intentionally - until I can get Windows off the laptop.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @yisraeldov Actually, I've co-authored a couple Slackerware reissues. I like to code, it's were I got the name B-)
  • @Hitsuzen I underestimated you. 
  • My two pinches on this (figured I was sick of using cliches) :) I haven't been on reddit a lot, but I find it scarce in information compared to this forum. On a standalone, this forum gives newcomers a warm welcome and the experts are not snooty guys who would poke fun or have a bad attitude - which I found on many expert forums related to different things. I love all you guys here, and am glad I have so much wisdom about snuff in such a short span of few months. Some of you are friends now, and I am glad of the association from the comfort of the phone in the palm of my hand. 
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