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Your Location ?

I have just been looking at my profile details and found my location was not filled in, I must have deleted it whilst tweaking things.  Anyway it is back on there again.

I understand that members may value their privacy,  but it would be helpful knowing your location when trying to offer advice.

 It is no use me telling someone on here to   "pop into thingies shop because they can supply what you want"   if they live on the other side of the globe in Australia or India and I live in England.

What I am suggesting is everyone filling in the location on their profile.       Just a general country location would be enough.

I do not think it would be too intrusive, but it could make answering posts less of a gamble.

Cheers all.



    Use to show location of members. Many are not on there but quite a few.
  • @nicmizer   I like the map,   I didn't know about that until you put the link up.

    Easier to see location if I click on  nicmizer , providing you had filled in your location on the profile. Just the country would be fine in the likes of a small place like the UK.   No great detail needed.

    Cheers nicmizer.

  • You want to know, just ask them, It's called communication.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @nicmizer Where did you get that info from ?  No one shows up in Israel.
  • aha theres a couple of snuffers living in some pretty weird places!
  • I just took another look at the map.

    It zooms right in to the individual house. 

       Not a very good thing if you happen to mention in a post that you will be away from home, on holiday or business etc. for a couple of weeks.

    Burglar Bill would have a fine old time.

    The vagueness of country or town in your profile would be a lot more secure in my opinion.

  • @ArtChoo for mine if you copy the Coordinates into a maps search engine it shows my location as in the CBD though I'm a fair way from it.
  • The map allows you to put the pin pointer any where you want to. I would assume nobody is going to put it atop the roof of their home. My location pin is a few block away where I frequent.
  • Why are there 2 North Americas and 2 South Americas on that map?  Is one Bizarro word?
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited April 2017 PM

    @Chico       It was a classified secret until now. 

    There are two Americas on the map so as to confuse  Kim Jong-un when he tries to fire his missiles at the USA.

  • EffyEffy Member
    @basement_shaman true, but then there is the delay between responses which might not be an issue in many cases but in some it could, and can easily be avoided.

    Scenario 1 - 

    OP "Can someone offer some advice on a topic, please"
    ((waits for reply))
    Responder "Where abouts are you?"
    ((waits for reply))
    OP "Here"
    ((waits for reply))
    R "Ah okay, then try this shop, it's brilliant!"

    Scenario 2 -

    OP "Can someone  offer some advice on a topic, please?"
    ((waits for reply))
    Repsonder "I can see you're in a certain place, so try this shop, it's brilliant!"

    The delay between posts can of course be a number of days or even weeks, depending on how often people can/will check the forum.  
  • @Effy   
    Excellently demonstrated.       I thought along similar lines, but did not have the nous to put the idea into words.    

  • ChicoChico Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Good thinking, @ArtChoo.  The armada heading for Australia probably didn't do the trick, but this surely will.
  • @Effy You can find satisfaction on Facebook. It is very interactive. Where as Snuffhouse is laid back.  And not so Active. I see your point .There is also yisraeldov thread :

    Maybe that is up to speed for you.

     How the old saying;  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Yea that is what I want, some snuffer showing up at my door unexpectedly.
     On the map I am at the Local Golf course. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Golf or bowling could never ever make me enjoy these individual sports because I'm to ambidextrous. So cast off one dock with either hand. Either way I always aim toward that Snuffhouse for the best catch.
  • Hello to you  @basement_shaman       

              It is quite clear in my original post 

    "Just a general country location would be enough.      No great detail needed."

    I value my privacy just as much as the next guy or girl.


  • I just moved to Manassas Virginia
    Need to update my profile
  • Added myself there... 
  • I'm in the back bedroom, between the printer and waste paper basket.
  • @50ft_trad      Whose bedroom, and does the wife know? [-X

  • @50ft_trad so its been you the whole time, now I know where that funky smell near the waste basket is coming from  [-(
  • Art: Not telling, and I bloody hope not

    9 inch: Yeah, sorry about that. Red cabbage always does that to me
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