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SWS Golden Horn? Friar Ramon Pane? Fields of Juniper?

I want to get one or two SWSs in MrSnuff's sale, and am wondering about these.  Golden Horn especially doesn't seem to have many reviews or comments.  I'm a fan or Oriental pipe tobaccos but not sure how it would work in a snuff.  The description is not that descriptive....

The other two sound good, but I've had mixed reactions to SWS snuffs. Some I loved (Thrice Brewed, Mull of OA, and especially Roselein), others not so much.  I got nothing from Lundy Foot or Anson's which I thought was totally under-flavoured.  I've read that complaint about Fields of Juniper, too.


  • For me Fields Of Juniper is too poor on flavour/smell etc.Friar Ramon Pane haven't tried yet.
    You should get Golden Horn (although bit dry) very good oriental smell/taste!!!and similar is Havana Toast(great-like a good cigar).
    And best toast till now,Lundy Foot!!!
  • Thanks, @tobaccobob - sounds like Golden Horn is one to try.  Is it just the Oriental flavor or some kind of added flavoring, too?  

    Lundy Foot was totally flavorless to me.  Maybe because I was drinking bourbon at the time.  I'll have to try it again.
  • No, I think Golden Horn is only oriental tobacco flavor,nothing added.
    Funny that Lundy Foot was flavorless,maybe the batch or just... different noses different tastes/smells!
    Oh,and I forgot to mention St.James Parish blend(in my top 5)-excellent!!!
  • I'm interested in the Friar Ramon Pane, wondering if it smells anything like Elmos Reserve.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I'll pick SWS~Golden Horn First then in second I would say SWS~Friar Ramon Pane both are really good but I think that the Golden horn is a bit better.It has a very nice Smokey/Toasty scent.
    Peace :)>-
  • I tried Pontefract Priory yesterday and the only thing I got from it was dry dirt and wet concrete.  I'm finding SWS snuffs to be either major hits or major misses, with nothing in between  Weird.  I'm kind of hesitant about experimenting given the cost.
  • Chico the same happens to me with Field of Junipers and Thrice Brewed-nothing special(given the cost).
    So next time will be only naturals:Golden Horn,Havana Toast,Latakia blend,St.James Parish,Lundy Foot...
    As for Aged Border Rappee-cheaper and maybe better, Samuel Gawith's Black Rappee.
    But once again since you like orientals,don't miss Golden Horn!
  • Thanks, @tobaccobob. I'll skip the FoJ for now and go with the Golden Horn, and maybe Friar Ramon   

    SG Black Rappee is on my list.  I have some of their Scotch Black and it's one of my favorites.
  • bobbob Member
    never tried either but more importantly there is another Bob. That is a good thing. I wonder if he tried to register just the name without the tobacco first. If so he can now see why that didn't work.
  • No,I didn't try bob at the first place-although that's the one I wanted-because I knew that someone would use it!!!Cheers my friend!!! :)>-
  • bobbob Member
    it's an advantage of getting in early.
  • I really liked the scent of FoJ, but it can take a little warming to come alive, particularly if you keep it in the fridge. Unfortunately I also got a prohibitive back drip from it, so I didn't buy it again.
  • @50ft_trad - that's happened to me with a few SWS snuffs.  i thought it was just my amateurish newbie technique.  
  • Chico, I'd love to be able to give some better insight, but I can't. I tried at various stages of my snufftaking, and found this happened with several SWS snuffs, plus some Molens and Old Mill. I decided that pursuing the artisanal snuffs wasn't working out for me, and stopped wasting my money.

    I settled down with primarily Sharrowmills, Toque, and Kendal made snuffs. I use the occasional McC and 6P snuffs too, and have no such issues from any of these. I have very little interest in straying beyond my comfort zone nowadays.

    If anyone feels dissuaded in trying these products because of my comments, don't be! Do try them and find your own preferences. Getting other people's feedback is interesting, but essentially useless.

    As Sir Thomas Beecham said, "Try everything once, except incest and folk dancing"
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