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Pipe Tobacco and Prison Snuff

I do not want to embarrass anyone here.

I am curious to know if snuff is available legally in any prisons.   I know cigarettes are allowed to be purchased from their wages in UK prisons , but I was wondering if pipe tobacco and snuff are available for purchase.

There has been talk in the UK press of trying to ban smoking in prisons.  Snuff would be a cheaper healthier alternative. 

If snuff is allowed, what brands are available to purchase.

Any one know a friend of a friend that can enlighten the rest of us.



  • I have not heard of snuff, chew or dip being available in any Australian prison. Smoking was banned in Australian prisons a couple of years ago resulting in quite a few riots. Around this time alot of fights broke out whenever a stash of cigarette butts were found shoved in a wall or in a crack in the floor. 
    From what I have been told this has stopped nothing, there is just as much black market tobacco in prisons at the moment than ever. Though you would be looking at between $150-$400 AUD for a pack of cigarettes here in SA.
    Though in all honesty if our government had a brain they'd legalize snuff in prisons to get around these riots and smoking bans.
  • EffyEffy Member
    It's a good point - smoking bans usually come from the issue of second-hand smoke, which isn't an issue with snuff.

    Well, it might be in prison...............
  • I think I remember a snuff being available at one prison in Dorset England, but I couldn't swear to it . 

    They also sold shag tobacco ....and little tiny 5G packets of Golden Virginia . They had quite a 'canteen' there but most jails aren't well stocked in my limited experience . 

    Banning smoking in prison is totally fucking stupid . They bought in urine drug testing in 1997 (If I remember correctly) and managed to turn thousands of convicts into heroin junkies in the UK .Heroin leaves the body quickly so you can easily  'pass' the test  This is still happening today 20 years later . A tobacco ban will have longterm unintended consequences ... and they won't be good  .

    Riots are just riots and they just happen . The only one I ve ever seen was about bread rations and I was locked up 24/7 for several days while it played out , so I didn't see much of that :D 

  • AamonAamon Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    @Pikey that just it! Alot of Australian inmates are turning to junkies starting to use heroin, and since its just as hard to get a match or a lighter alot of ice addicts are injecting now. We are already seeing the results and its hardly been a few years. Its absolute absurdity. Especially when its a hell of alot cheaper to buy Ice than cigarettes.
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