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Adrenaline rush after taking snuff

Did somebody get an adrenaline rush after taking snuff? I just got one really strong about 3 minutes after taking snuff, it was Princes Special from F & T. It was not pleasant, my heart raced and I panicked. Also felt a weird feeling in my head and some coldness, just like a bunch of adrenaline was racing through my body. It happened twice in a 10 minute span.


  • ChicoChico Member
    Are you sensitive to nicotine? Or maybe didn't have any food in your stomach?  Princes Special is supposed to be just medium.  The only time I've had weird reactions to snuff is high-nic ones like SWS, and only when it's into my sinuses and the back-drip starts.  I can't smoke super-strong pipe tobacco or cigars, though.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited May 2017 PM
    What you are describing sounds like a mild nicotine overdose, the only time I feel anything like that from snuff is if I take alot of snuff with an empty stomach.
  • SvHSvH Member
    Yes, sounds like a nicotine overdose... Nothing to worry about. If you're sensitive for nicotine, make sure there is some food in your stomach before taking a pinch.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    Ah yes ... the sweats and spins! LOL

    If this happens again, grab a teaspoon of honey or sugar, a bite of a candy bar, etc. as this helps immensely.

  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    It sounds more like panic attacks to me. Nicotine can accentuate other alkaloids in your system. Harmine and harmaline found in rustica do this dramatically. Panic attacks have nothing to do with snuff. Anything stimulating can set them off. Have a few of them, talk to a real doctor (Disclaimer).
  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    I get them from time to time, and I have had a panic attack or two (high stress job, high stress house, camel non-filters, lots of black coffee).  I've cut out the camel-nons and the coffee.  I can't even have a half a cup of coffee anymore without feeling jittery and terrible - I use to live on it.

    Every once and while tobacco will get me - it can be up to an hour after.  I don't get it with pipes unless I'm smoking a particularly strong blend and haven't eaten enough.  Snuff may get me too, but it doesn't last as long and is not as intense.

    Nicotine is very powerful.  We just don't think about it that way because it is so normalized.  If you smoke enough of it you can get very "high".  When I was a kid I would load up one of my dad's pipes with Admiral's Choice Cherry Cavendish and get high as a kite.  The natives didn't just smoke it to enjoy the flavor - they were getting high.  If I ever get a chance I load up a massive bowl in my MM MacArthur or other large pipe and about mid-way through I'm in a deep state of mind.

  • Thanks a lot for the useful advice, not sure if it was a nicotine overdose or a panic attack. Well anyway i am going to see the doctor next Thursday, gonna mention it. Well i hope it doesn't happen again, gonna dial back on the size of the pinches and hope it goes well. Thanks a lot everyone!
  • I sometimes felt that after taking Indian whites initially, now I think my tolerance is high (despite I was a smoker). It might resolve after you're a little tolerant to nicotine. If not, you might an underlying minor issue. Most anxiety and panic related symptoms can be eliminated by using lavender oil. Put it on your pillow (few drops) before you sleep, a few drops in bath water, sniff it in a kerchief and mix it with coconut oil (with a little peppermint) for relief from all this. Worth trying. Let me know. 
  • lavender oil you say, ive never heard of that before. ill try it. ive use chamomile oil in those exact ways for stress and anxiety many times and it seems to work for me. i use natural remedies whenever i can. i take a handful worth of pills already as it is 
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