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Cleaning your nose from snuff?

Im new to using snuff and was wondering what the proper method is for cleaning it out of your nose? And how often? Also im using wilson of sharrow aniseed and eucalyptus with an acrylic bullet but it hits so hard it almost takes my breath away. What should i do? Thanks yall!


  • AamonAamon Member
    Theres alot of different ways you can clean out your nose at the end of the evening, from netpoti's to twisted up damp tissue paper. What I typically do is snuff a whole bunch of McChrystals Original and Genuine up there and wait 5 minutes. For me if I dont blow my nose for 5 minutes or so with a nose full, it starts to run like crazy which often cleans it without an issue when I do blow my nose.
    If youre talking about cleaning it out of your nose inbetween snuffs, I just carry a couple of good hankies and anything left over usually comes out when I blow my nose.
  • @Ilovesnuff88, I think that WOS snuffs are best done with a pinch otherwise you get brain freeze. The bullet just shoots it too far back, also making it harder to clean out.

    I usually try to wash out my nose in the shower, and take one day a week off of snuff to let everything work it's self out.
  • I just blow my nose and drink plenty of fluids
  • Hot shower works best for me.
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  • dan11dan11 Member
    Ring finger, it's a perfect fit.

  • Hey thanks for all the input guys!
  • You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, But you should never pick a friends nose. Unless they loss the use of their fingers and toes. =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    Although I love grossing my wife out with my gargantuan snuff boogers (I have long nails for guitar playing so I can reeeeally get a grip on 'em), I go to the sink and snort a bit of water into my nose and pinch my nostrils a bit to make sure I'm getting everything.  It was a little irritating at first but now I find it very refreshing and love the pinch right afterwards - especially if it is menthol.
  • RCastleRCastle Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    Take a small handful of water up to your nose over your bathroom sink. Snuff it up -gently- and quickly allow it to drain naturally into the sink. Repeat on the other nostril and clean out any remnants with a couple of tissues. This has always worked for me.  I Do this whenever I feel like my nose has too much snuff hardened inside it. (Kinda feels a bit dry and stuffy.) Once or twice a week is the norm for me. YMMV.
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  • nobody uses a netty pot then?
  • AamonAamon Member
    @matteob I have a neti pot and do use it on occasion though only mainly as a last resort, Typically my nose clears itself quite well on its own, and I do clean my nose with some damp tissue paper plugs nightly. I'd have to say I maybe use it once a month or two just to make sure everything squeaky clean though more for OCD purposes than anything else.
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