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Top 6 Six Photo Snuff

frandelriofrandelrio Member
edited June 2017 in Types of Snuff
It came to my hands three weeks ago an assorted Six Photo Snuff with 15 small 8g / 6g bottles.
Perfect to put your noses in the india and orientate yourself on their flavors 8-> 
It has fascinated me completely, and I have found similarity in all snuffs at the base of tobacco, although I must also say that each of them is a world.

I'm going to ask you what are your top 6 Six Photo Snuff!

This one is mine:
1 Super Kailash
2 Medicated # 6
3 Indian Curry
4 Begum
5 Motia
6 Gold Rush

Now you!


  • Super Kailash, Special, Kailash, Cheeta, Motia, Medicated No. 66
  • PikeyPikey Member
    LA Natural
    Gold Rush
    Medicated No66
    Super Kaliash
    Fubar Mango (nonmenthol) 

    I am very fond of the base tobaccos used . 
  • GokulGokul Member
    LA Natural, Medicated No. 66, Medicated No. 666, Super Kailash, Kailash and Anarkali.
  • My preference is for Special.

  • Anarkali and Kailash for me :)
  • @Gokul - Love the 66 but it clogs me up. I still use it though. Hopefully my nose will get used to it.
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