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One nostril better to take snuff the other ?

I wonder about that for quite some time and i am curious about the experience of other users. I take snuff for more then a decade now and still,
its a way more easy sniff with my left nostril (i am left handed too) then with my right. Even more when it comes to very fine and dry snuffs.
Of course, i use both all the time but for example when i have a Madras Toast (like just now) the left is easy to use and then right is harder.
Anyone else who know this ?


  • Happened to me too, with fine or drier snuffs my right nostril shoots directly to the throat while the left is always happy no matter what I feed to it.

    One's nose nasal passages are not exactly equal, depending on their layout (more pronounced curve or straighter configuration) you' ll have to adjust the force of the sniff depending on the dryness and overall size of the snuff particles.

  • AamonAamon Member
    For me I use the slightly more congested nostril as my nose is going through its Nasal cycle then switch to the other nostril when they switch 2-3 hours later. I havent noticed a difference in ease of use of dry fine snuffs otherwise.
  • personally, my left is always easier than my right 90% of the time
  • my left has half of the intake capacity of the right one, (realized this at age 35 when I first started taking snuff) and also a slightly different angle (I can notice when exhaling smoke as I fancy a pipe once a week). Completely symmetrical on the outside, but seems the internal tubing was not so finely designed. Anyway, it doesnt bother me at all when snuffing , I just feed it more and hit it harder. :)
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