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Just to say hi. I am Matteo 39 from South East England. I am exploring snuff as a nicotine replacement and am enjoying it. I first tried snuff many moons ago whrn my eccentric English teacher brought some in to a class on Alexander Pope to give us a "taste of the age." I am especially enjoying Kendal Brown and SWS Lundy Foot at the moment.


  • AamonAamon Member
    Welcome matteob, I wish my school teachers used to be as understanding of tobacco products. I was caught smoking once in primary school and had a mathematics book hurled at me head and the ruler twice over the knuckles.  =))
    I love the SG Kendals I'm a bit of a fan of the KB Plain, I find it helps me appreciate and differentiate the scents from other SG snuffs.
  • LOL

    Hmmm the SG range of Kendal Browns is pretty confusing. Mine just says kendal brown but it has a kind of citrusy elderflower smell to it. i am not sure if it is the plain one or not. It is nice though!
  • PaulGPaulG Member
    Hi Matteo I'm also south east England and using snuff to help get off the cigarettes. I'm more into menthols such as medicated 99.
  • greetin's Matteo, welcome..
  • Thanks guys I appreciate it. I am not so much into menthol though Toque Camphor and Clove is nice if a bit weak vitamin N wise: their SP Extra is far superior in that regerd and a favourite.

    @Aamon I am a bit confused of SG labels though. I have the "Kendal Brown" slightly floral. There is also Kendal Brown original too as well as a few others.
  • AamonAamon Member
    @matteob it is hard to say. My SG tins typically have a reddish background and the snuff name over a blue background highlighted strip in the upper 1/3rd of the label. These labels may have changed recently though use to the EU thing.  Are you sure its not the F&T brand Kendal Brown rather than SG?
    On a side/separate note if you are quitting smoking I suggest picking up some Toque Rustica as a mixer if you are unable to find snuff with enough nicotine for your liking. It did wonders for me during the transition off the smokes. 
  • @matteob I had Roderick make me Camphor & Clove using Quit as the base ( same base tobacco as SP Extra) and it turned out awesome, I call it Camphor & Clove Extra.
  • That sounds good to me but I think 500g of snuff might be a little excessive for me...we'll see. Is the Rustica stronger than SWS Lundy Foot. That stuff has one hell of a kick.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    @matteob If I remember correctly, Lundy Foot has rustica as part of the blend. On the other hand, Roderick's Rustica is just that and nothing else, so if you were brave (mad) enough to try it unmixed you'd find it rather a lot stronger than Lundy Foot...
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  • N1THCN1THC Member
    Welcome to the forum!
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  • @matteob      Regarding the confusion with S.G. Kendal Brown Labels in June.
    The labels may have changed since the new rules came into effect. The tin I have in front of me was bought about January this year. Usual Sam. Gawith reddy brown background and has a light blue 6mm band across the front that says....Kendal Brown Original .

    I was a bit concerned once when I bought a 1 lb of Dr. Vereys Full.    The drum only had   Dr. Vereys on the label.
    They made about three versions at the time and it didn't smell the same as the tin I already had close but not quite the same.   In time either the snuff matured or my nose adapted, but it is still jolly good snuff.

  • @Justin You must realize that different people have different nicotine thresholds. I am "mad" enough to try rustica unmixed. I'm "mad" enough to do it all day with no ill effects.
  • i love that warm throbbing sensation i get in my nose after snuffing rustica straight
  • @peacock
    I got a   "warm throbbing sensation in my nose" when I got caught pinching some one else's  rustica. 

  • kekykeky Member
    Lundy Foot is a good choice.
  • I tend to get a warm (throbbing) pitching sensation the morning after eating 5 star thai food! Not Rustica. I don't care for the feel and will only get 3 star in the future. That is why I prefer the Ambrosha also.
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