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Just to say hi. I am Matteo 39 from South East England. I am exploring snuff as a nicotine replacement and am enjoying it. I first tried snuff many moons ago whrn my eccentric English teacher brought some in to a class on Alexander Pope to give us a "taste of the age." I am especially enjoying Kendal Brown and SWS Lundy Foot at the moment.


  • AamonAamon Member
    Welcome matteob, I wish my school teachers used to be as understanding of tobacco products. I was caught smoking once in primary school and had a mathematics book hurled at me head and the ruler twice over the knuckles.  =))
    I love the SG Kendals I'm a bit of a fan of the KB Plain, I find it helps me appreciate and differentiate the scents from other SG snuffs.
  • matteobmatteob Member

    Hmmm the SG range of Kendal Browns is pretty confusing. Mine just says kendal brown but it has a kind of citrusy elderflower smell to it. i am not sure if it is the plain one or not. It is nice though!
  • PaulGPaulG Member
    Hi Matteo I'm also south east England and using snuff to help get off the cigarettes. I'm more into menthols such as medicated 99.
  • greetin's Matteo, welcome..
  • matteobmatteob Member
    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I am not so much into menthol though Toque Camphor and Clove is nice if a bit weak vitamin N wise: their SP Extra is far superior in that regerd and a favourite.

    @Aamon I am a bit confused of SG labels though. I have the "Kendal Brown" slightly floral. There is also Kendal Brown original too as well as a few others.
  • AamonAamon Member
    @matteob it is hard to say. My SG tins typically have a reddish background and the snuff name over a blue background highlighted strip in the upper 1/3rd of the label. These labels may have changed recently though use to the EU thing.  Are you sure its not the F&T brand Kendal Brown rather than SG?
    On a side/separate note if you are quitting smoking I suggest picking up some Toque Rustica as a mixer if you are unable to find snuff with enough nicotine for your liking. It did wonders for me during the transition off the smokes. 
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    @matteob I had Roderick make me Camphor & Clove using Quit as the base ( same base tobacco as SP Extra) and it turned out awesome, I call it Camphor & Clove Extra.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    That sounds good to me but I think 500g of snuff might be a little excessive for me...we'll see. Is the Rustica stronger than SWS Lundy Foot. That stuff has one hell of a kick.
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