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Snuff tin size limitation to US

Very quickly can anyone tell me why tin sizes are being limited in sales to the US? There is a guy on Youtube that says it is down to EU legislation but there is no reatriction on snuff tin size in the Tobacco Products Directive and thankfully (he had me worried for a while) you can still get the 25g Samuel Gawith tins here and large size Wilsons and F & T. As to cross border tobacco trade this is discretionary snd the UK has opted out. Sellers just need to register. Is thr fsct that MrSnuff only being able to sell 10g tap boxes of snuff to the US actiually due to American leg. This particular guy says he panic bought over $500 worth of snuff. I am in the UK but he spooked me over the tap box thing as they are dreadful and do make the snuff go stale.


  • Matteob,
    I would be a little worried if I were you. We are still in the EU and the TPD does apply to us. Most makers are restricting their sizes as well as reducing their ranges or completely stopping snuff production.  This is because the TPD did say we had to declare and pay for all sizes and flavours. However the Germans are ignoring this. One rule for Germany and another for the rest of the EU. Our problem is we are a nation of queuers and sticklers for following rules. 

    I on the other hand have always been a bit of a rebel. If people try to stop me doing what I want to do, as long as it is legal, I tend to ignore them. All the more so when my product saves smokers lives. 

     We have EU rules and we have Toque Rules.
  • I thought US customers were safe from this madness :(
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    @Roderick yes I noticed the range reduction but I still see that Gawith Hoggart and Wilson are still doing bigger packs than what this guy was saying ergo that F & T was only available now in 5g tins and that Samuel Gawith would only be selling in 10g tap boxes. If the Germans re ignoring or bending the rules you should go ahead and bend them too especially as we are going to be out very soon. What do you mean by declare and pay for all sizes and flavours? I have not tried Toque snuff yet. I like the modern branding and will give it a try: any recommendations? (not cheese and bacon though: as a US kid would say ewwwwwwwwww or as I would say yuck!)
  • If this is Uncle Squinty's videos, he got a lot of stuff wrong in his highly animated rants. Unfortunately the videos with the misinformation are still up, which means continuing confusion going forwards for people who watch those vids, and who haven't had a clearer picture from this forum for example.

    "Just because someone quotes something on the internet, doesn't mean it's true" - Abraham Lincoln
  • ^awesome quote, I'm going to use that one.
  • LiamLiam Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    I am starting to feel rather frustrated, I repeatedly quoted the EU legislation that is freely available and downloadable in pdf format. It clearly states that nasal snuff and niche tobacco products do not apply, or at least that is my interpretation...I even sent it by email to WOS. I do not believe I was wrong, only concern is possible extra taxes(I am not sure of that either)..but still I am pretty sure there is no inquisition out and about.Concerned, yes...but the biggest problem for the moment is the overeaction that is causing more damage than the legislation itself.
  • @Liam

    Problem 1: It's EU Directive, not EU regulations. That means each member state has to interpret the directive and create their own laws from that directive.

    Problem 2: Now that's done, there's 29 sets of rules - one set for each state, and one overarching set.

    Problem 3: It doesn't matter a hoot how you interpret it, it's how the prosecuters and the court the company is trying to defend themself in interprets it.

    Unless you're trying to become a producer or retailer, just buy and enjoy whatever's available. You're not going to change the minds of people who are trying desperately to protect their livelihoods just because someone is unhappy that they can't buy what they want. One court case could wipe out some of these companies, so you can't blame them for playing it safe, or streamlining their line to save on red tape. You getting frustrated won't change or fix anything. Sorry.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    This is very true. I can see how EU legislation is a nightmare for small artisans though. I have some acquaintances who are artisan soap makers and the cosmetics regulations are a nightmare too :(

    @Liam yes I have read the legislation through in detail. I wrote to Uncle Squinty pointing out some of his errors but he did not get back to me. The contents were pretty panicky with mention of "the end of nasal snuff" and "tobaccogeddon."
  • LiamLiam Member

    I see what you mean, yet I still feel a commitment to act and try to fix this, without panicking ^^
    Plus no harm in trying, next step...opened letter to the EU  =P
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