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TORONTO Snuffers

Hi there, 

I wonder if anyone is from Toronto on this site. 

If you are would you be willing to meet up to trade or sell your snuff?

It would be also a good chance to see what kind of snuffing community Toronto has. 


  • I dont think there are any active members in the GTA. I'm about 2 hours away and the next closest member I know of lives near Manitoulin Island. Ontario is a dead zone for snuffers.
  • edited June 2017 PM
    They are all closet snuffers... simcoe county here. I have a buddy in Oakville who has been snuffing for years. We exist, there is hope!
  • You know, I could've sworn it would've caught on by now in Toronto (snuffing), why? Hipsters.

  • It's the lack of availability, I used to be able to get a few poschl brands downtown late 90s early 2000s. But don't see it around anymore. Combined with the fact fresh is better and a 25g tin is like $30... but spread the word and build the hobby that's why we are here!
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