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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Gallaghers Silver Snuff Boxes.

I keep seeing Gallaghers silver snuff boxes on ebay.
Nice solid looking boxes but spoilt by having the Gallaghers initials on them    JJG  .
They date from the late 1990s.
Does anyone know why these were made with the initials on?
Were they prizes in competitions or expensive trade gifts?
Possibly even handed out to employees for long term service to the company.
I can't see anyone buying one brand new to advertise a tobacco firm.
Any one know anything about them?


  • Can you post links ?
  • Only see the one.

    But this also looks good.
  • @yisraeldov I think that is a face powder compact.

    It looks like it has flat faces at the edges that close against each other.  Wont keep the snuff from leaking out.  The old snuff boxes have a lid that sits inside the walls the bottom tray and stop the snuff from falling out as you lift the lid.

  • @ArtChoo

    Well looks like it is too expensive for me now any way...
  • edited July 2017 PM
    Look like the seller had inherited a jewelry shop where the previous proprietor was a silver smith and watch repair specialist . could be those boxes were monogrammed and never paid for or picked up or were in for repair and some unknown factor . I do notice some that had no engraving. 
    Here the full selection from the same seller : You can probable make an offer on one that works properly and pay what you want. They want to get the highest price but the are also ready to sell
    \ Edit : Critique under closer criticism the jjG looks to be on the bottom. People walk around all the time with signed maker marked merchandise. Why woman buy Gucci hand bags  for $3500 I will never understand.   


    I have some nice pieces that have monograms doesn't bother me in the slightest . A silver tobacco box I think it was for any size cigarettes has a cedar divider  and a nice silver well made snuff box That belonged to Gust. Now they are  mine to cherish ! 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited July 2017 PM

    I take it that 9.8.62 is August 8th 1962.
    According to  Wiki.   
    On that day   Elizabeth "Ma" Duncan was the last woman to be executed in America until the law was changed and execution brought back in 1977.
    Quite a gruesome character from the Wiki. account.
    Adds a bit of colour to the box.

    edit spelling.

  • I never speculated why this man got this box. But he had friends and 1962 something like this would had sent them back a few $. In today's standard a Sterling silver box this size would be a weeks pay for an agent. in scrap it only worth $140. It's the art and craftsmanship that drives up the prices plus greedy profit shops. You could have a box made cheaper than most antiques.  Unless you get one from an estate sale they have no clue what the value is. like this one ;

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I stack silver bullion and have recently looked into acquiring non-bullion silver. Man that's a gorgeous box. Simply stunning.
  • Sorry to dredge up a thread from a year and a half ago, but in case anyone is ever looking at these boxes on Ebay (they come up regularly): I have one of these, and it really is a first class snuff box. They are large and fairly heavy, with excellent, almost airtight hinges. The hinges are genuine Laurencekirk hinges, which are nigh invisible when the box is closed. Beautifully made, nicer than almost any other sterling silver box you can find. 

    These were not linked to the tobacco firm Gallaher (as the jeweler's box they came in states 'Gallagher' with an extra g). Instead, I believe they were either retirement or client gifts from a property development firm called JJ Gallagher in Warwickshire, which is why they all bear these initials on the bottom. 
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited January 24 PM
    @barredbenny    Thank you for shedding some light on the topic.
    The original ebay picture has gone, but I shall keep my eye out for one again.
    I do not smoke, but I know a lot of antique/vintage cigarette cases are too small for todays cigarettes. I was wondering on the internal dimensions of the box.  Could you let us know.  I am thinking of it possible being a cigarette case for the obsolete sizes.


  • @ArtChoo

    I have put up some pictures of my Gallagher box. It measures 6cmx4cmx2cm on the inside, so too small for cigarettes of any era I would say. However, quite a bit of snuff. I have added a small WoS tin and a pipe nail for scale.

  • You can also see how nicely the hinges have been done.
  • @barredbenny   Thank you for the pictures and dimensions.

    Your snuff box is in much better condition than most of the others that I have seen.
    I think that I shall keep my eye open and invest if the price is right.

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