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What other rabbit holes do you like to jump down?

matteobmatteob Member
edited July 2 in The Pub (Off Topic)
For me it is wet shaving gear: razors , brushes and artisan soaps together with fountain pens. I am on fora for both and spend too much money. What about you. chaps?


  • SpamSpam Member
    edited July 2 PM
    It's fountain pens for me too. Or rather, fountain pen ink. I think the appeal is the same as snuff, there's infinite variations on a theme.

    I wish this SP has more bergamot in it. I wish this blue ink has more green in it.

    You just keep chasing the 'ideal' which more than likely doesn't exist.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited July 2 PM
    Calligraphy here also, not only fountain pens though.
    Check THIS out !

     I have a long history with obsessions that I spent huge amounts of money and time on, but it seems my rational side has come to the surface in the last years.
    To mention just the ones I remember now : off road motorcycling, insanely expensive hi-fi audiophile gear, jazz music, japanese tea and rare artisan ceramics, wood carving, archery, hunting, knives,  collecting pipes and pipe tobaccos, books (oh, yes, books), travelling (by far the most enlightening and satisfying of them all) and of course, snuff.
     I guess we are all prone to some extent to search for something that will make us feel in some certain way, and on top of that we are, as a species, attracted to all sort of weird and addictive behaviours. Ultimately we can all discover that switch inside that doesnt answer much but deletes most of the questions.

    And, yes, the ultimate and most terrifying rabbit hole that we will be dragged in, sooner or later. The one that we cannot escape, and yet still try to avoid. A fear that we cannot overcome but we can at least face it with a smile and a pinch of snuff!
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • peacockpeacock Member
    i have a quill ink pen with dragons blood ink. i take it out and practice every so often though im not very good
    i spend way too much money on records and comic books/toys.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    I must admit I buy too many books too and records and CDs. I'm not into calligrqphy but have penfriends, keep a journal and write all my notes in ink. My particular love is hand turned Indian ebonite pens. I like Noodlers inks too. They are permanent and the work of a small artisan. I love supporting artisans.
  • @Gilliat - effing well written :)

    I collect stationery of all kinds (pencils, erasers, table top sharpeners). I end up buying from time to time, and usage is bare minimum. I also collect diaries and journals, and have recently begun writing in them. 
    Amongst my interests during spare time, the rabbit hole goes for me to good writing and well written movies. I have a keen ear to good music, but indulgence is far less now due to work. If I dont travel to the mountains at least once a year, my being cannot survive in the city. It is like I need to go there, to sparsely populated areas, just to make my being breathe. 
  • I collect all thing tobaccocanna, I also have a collection of sharp weapons. I like throwing stuff at targets, like knifes, darts, tomahawks, spears, atlatl arrows, and Discs and  own a few swords, rifles and shot guns as well as some recurve bows and compound , I enjoy fishing, trapping and hunting. I plant several gardens every year and have fruit trees I planted and care for. I work with wood and building materials. I prefer cast iron cook ware. I have a passion for brewed coffee. I study herbs and make tinctures , balms, teas and encapsulate my own medicine. I use to have araucana chickens and was thinking of getting silkies. I also have a 38yr old pony . I have explored many rabbit holes and crawled out of one to rediscover my self.   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • marcomarco Member
    English 3 speed bicycles. just bought a rod brake raleigh dl-1, 1971
  • @basement_shaman - Thats a lot of things :)
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Wet shaver here too
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    Mt. Biking, Hiking, Rockhounding (Fire Agate), Prospecting, Coffee Roasting, Percussion (Afro-Cuban) and a few others.  Making home pressed Tobacco Plugs / Flakes / Twists and Snuff are primary, though.

  • matteobmatteob Member
    Oh yea I forgot cycling and coffee too!
  • Probably would be coffee, but good coffee is almost important to get in Israel. Same thing goes for vodka.

    A bit embarrassed, but I am also into retro video games.
  • edited July 4 PM
    So many rabbit holes, so small time... Along the years I've gone through a bit of them, right now: Custom motorcycles, Teaching historical fencing, Learning to play the keyboard to make some synth related music, Retrogaming & emulation, BOOKS & comics, maybe they are not a lot but everyone is so vast they take all of my spare time.

    Do not be embarrased about retrogaming I like it too, mostly pre-2000 consoles & home computers, those I wanted to play when I was in my youth but had no way back then, I owe it to the 11 years old boy that I was.  
  • Opps forgot about making mead and other alcohol.

    @Wulfensteinson If you ever want to try some netplay let me know. 
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    I spend my hard earned cash on fishing, tobacco, building rat-rods, blackpowder, and toys for my dog.
  • AamonAamon Member
    There are far too many at the moment for my free time. I collect and mix essential oils of all kinds at the moment I have over 600 different scents/oils. I enjoy gardening and growing anything, archery, target shooting, hunting, dirtbiking (mostly enduro lately), collecting cigars and snuff, collecting matchboxes from around the world, Vinyl, Wine and spirits, antique and old straight razors, knifes and old weapons, antique occult books, a few grand in artwork (mostly Salvador Dali), collecting and jarring any named strain types of cannabis (often make tinctures, oil, bubble and concretes), i'm constantly working on or modifying my motorcycles, Skydiving (4 lessons away from getting my licence), playing and collecting guitar and drums (collecting guitars), I also have quite a few fountain pens though wouldnt say I collect them, I do make and collect feather quills though rarely use them, mostly for art.
  • Mine is pretty simple compared to everyone else. I collect old commodore 64 related books and cartridges.
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    Ham Radio is another hobby I have that just sucks money from yah. The radios are damn expensive but it's a cool hobby.
    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • peacockpeacock Member
    i collect non sport trading cards. they are worthless and cost very little to buy. i grew up in the 90's so i just think they are cool.
  • Coffee, journalling, riding a push bike, cats, yoga, low budget travel, long distance urban walking, growing vegetables, holotropic breathwork, cigars and pipes.
  • Rumph pottery20170714_092414-1
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    I collect electric guitars of certain types and black powder revolvers of the Colt and Remington design. I spend way too much money on both.
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