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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Off the Cuff Snuff

edited August 2008 in General
I found this online today - Off The Cuff Snuff any of you ever tried it? Quite pricey, but looks like private label from UK


  • According to an old review on one of the Yahoo groups, this is just fruit flavoured snuff most probably made by Wilson's. The image on the label is cute, though.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    Hey mr.snuff, I actually posted the same thing a while ago. You can check it out here. The label says from Bidwell which is in Chico California. But don't know where its actually made.

    Off The Cuff Snuff

    They are on this list of Snuff Owners
  • I guess we'll get a lot of this as snuff is taking off again. As has been said, this is most likely re-packaged Wilson's or the like.
  • I purchased some of this stuff. I tried the raspberry. When I placed the order, they were actually out of stock and awaiting a new shipment. A woman from the company gave me a courtesy call to inform me of this. She had a German accent and said it was shipping from Germany. The snuff was delivered in a twist type of round tin with a hole on the side. (Think Ozona Cherry, Raspberry, etc., only thicker) The tins also had no labels on them and were merely marked with a Sharpie. The menthol is a major kick to the sinuses and makes the nose run almost immediately. The raspberry aspect had a strong plastic type of smell to it at first, almost like a car freshener. After the first 5 minutes I was wishing I had never taken a pinch. After blowing my nose, the scent was still there, but was a little more tolerable...but not by much. IMHO, you aren't missing much by not ordering this snuff. I'll try and remember to post a picture once I get my new camera battery.
  • bobbob Member
    sorry to hear. Sounds horrid.
  • JarhogJarhog Member
    edited August 2008 PM
  • not sure i understand your comment this comment directed at the site owner? Is the owner a member here? Just curious.
  • WTF?
  • now seems to work now. Sorry if I was a bit short.
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