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Enflamed sinuses - would a move to schmaltzers help?

I have been suffering from a loss of sense of smell for over a year now, brought on my chronic sinusitis in the sinuses where my smell receivers are. I am taking a steroid nasal spray but with limited success so far. Most days I do have a semblance of sense of smell at times, but it's not what it was. 

Anyway. I stopped taking snuff in about April last year because I was noticing that it would totally wipe out my sense of smell despite using sinus washes etc. I don't know why the snuff did this, all I know is that it did do it. 

I have been vaping ever since, which to be honest I don't really like very much and I would like to go back to snuff. 

So I took snuff for a few days last week as an experiment, and pow, totally lost my sense of smell and it took a few days to recover. 

So, I'm concluding from this that even though people say that snuff does not go into your sinuses, for some reason it is having a very negative effect on mine. I know little about schmaltzers, however because there are a lot more moist, I was wondering whether or not just placing it in the lower part of my nasal cavity might help. 

I would very much welcome any opinions on this, and also some recommendations of schmaltzers to try. Thank you. 


  • JustinJustin Moderator
    If the problem is snuff getting into your sinuses then you're probably right about the schmaltzlers - they would be less likely to go too far. As to recommendations - there are three makers you can get reasonably easily. Bernard produce 10g tap boxes, Poschl do 25g and 100g packets, and Sternecker do 50g and 100g packets. MrSnuff (or Snuffstore if you are in the UK) carries all of them.

    Look out for:

    Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler
    Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert
    Bernard Brasil Fresco
    Bernard Klostermischung
    Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma
    Poschl Schmalzler SF Sudfrucht
    Poschl Schmalzler Perlereuter
    Sternecker Echt Fresco

    For what it's worth, I would go for Poschl Doppelaroma or Sternecker Echt Fresco as a first try, but that's only my personal preference.
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Thanks Justin, I appreciate your help. I have ordered a few and will see how I get on. 

    Got to be better than vaping, which is not a cheap pastime! 
  • I would just use Swedish Snus and do before ever resorting to vape. Something about antifreeze in my lungs just don't compute .

     I know loss of senses; if I got my hearing back because I gave up snuff . Good by snuff for good. Everyone knows my love for a pinch.  I wouldn't except a life time supply of all  Chef Danial's creations to start using snuff again. . 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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