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Your Top 5 Snuffs

Mine, so far, and not in order.

WoS Bee Cool: A nice amount of menthol and a fresh, but not cloying sweet scent. Very easy to take.

6 Photo Kailash: Beautiful long-lasting aroma of oriental incense and a nice cooling sensation. I love the amount of nicotine you get from just a very small snuffle of it.

Toque Camphor & Clove: A perfect blend of the two epynomous reagents. Nicely complimented by the amount of nicotine. Very calming. (I like the Toque tins as well- withe screw top and diaphram that packs it down a bit.)

WoS Gold Label: A bit difficult to take- it always goes on back. The amount of bergamot is nice and the nicotine is high. I start using this about mid-morning after I've had enough tea.

McChrystal's Apricot: Lovely fruit snuff thai is very easy to take. Goes well with Stash peach flavoured black tea or a good Ceylon.

These are all snuffs I plan on always having a supply of.


  • Mine changes like the weather. By the time I've finished typing this it will have changed again, so I won't bother listing my faves.

    All I'll say is that I have spent the past week or so with GH Ambassador, WoS Thyme and Lemon, WoS Irish Coffee, WoS Ani Euc, Toque Vanilla, Toque Spanish Gem, Toque SP Plus., All very nice, but if I get bored of any, I'll chuck it back in the drawer and grab another to take it's place.
  • 41 Photo White Elephant, 6 Photo Natural, Toque Rustica, Hight Dry Toast, Toque Quit.
  • snuffiedoosnuffiedoo Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Toque USA W&H is my top
  • fredhfredh Member
    The best snuff ever made was the legendary, classic, and monumental Prince Regent by Abraxas.
  • edited July 2017 PM
    F&T HDT

    It is hard to pick the 5 best, because there are at least several more that fit in that slot as well, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • edited July 2017 PM
    Sws latakia blend (the most relaxing one i found)
    Sws field of junipers for its smoothness
    Sws havana toast such the true cigar taste but the scent goes away if taken out of the fridge no problem for me as it stays there.
    Poschl president a classic
    6 photo kailash for its long lasting taste (kind of being anxious scenting it several hours after a pinch hmm it smells weird here and figured out later it was kailash from the morning in my nose lol)
    I would have put sws mull of oa instead of latakia blend but harder to take
  • DxxDxx Member

    At the moment:

    Hedges L260 (always in there)

    Poeschl A Brasil

    Toque Lime Toast

    SG Elmo's Reserve

    Queen's Extra Strong

  • Not in any order:
    Old Mill PVT
    41P White Elephant
    SwS Roslein
    Old Mill Puro Dominicana
    SwS Lundy Foot

    With like 30 runner ups
  • F&T seville
    6 photo cheeta
    McC O&G
    WoS lemon toast
  • Toque Lime Toast
    WoS Irish High Toast #22
    Toque SP Extra
    WoS Tom Buck
    6 Photo no.6
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