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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Moldy snuff.

I recently was gifted a small bag of old mil to try ( not sure if the user wants me to mention him here). When it arrived in the mail it has mold growing on it, white blobs. 

Is there any way to safely try this ? Any way to save the snuff ? I'm just getting over some sort of respiratory cold so I don't want to mess myself up again.
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  • @yisraeldov, I don't believe it can be saved.
  • EffyEffy Member
    That's some VERY old mill!  I don't even think sieving it or anything will really help.  Spores will still get through.
  • Throw it out, once a snuff gets visible mold the entire tin is contaminated and beyond saving. I wouldn't want to risk snuffing mold.
  • AamonAamon Member
    The best you could probably do is sniff the bag. I wouldnt put it up my nose. Such a shame.
  • Thanks guys. That is what I was afraid of. Was hoping that someone out there had some secret miracale cure that I wasn't aware of. 
  • @yisraeldov: If the mold is growing in discrete patches you can try to remove the patches. If what is left has no signs of mold growth you can try to preserve it by adding 10 - 15% kitchen salt. to prevent further mold growth. If the mold has grown through all the snuff you better consider it lost. 

    Jaap Bes.
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    To play devils advocate,

    When it comes to food if a product has mold only in certain areas you can discard those areas and the rest of the food is fine. Most molds found on products we ingest are a form of penicillin anyhow.

    If I really wanted to save it I would sieve and be happy. =-]

    I guess it matters how much of the original tobacco aroma has been replaced with mold aroma.

    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • My 2 cents. Most all mold will die when exposed to Sun light.
  • My 2 pennies on topic: Mouldy tobacco of any kind is unsuitable for any form of human consumption. Do not forget mouldy blobs are visible part of actual mould infection, the mycelium is fully grouvn trough tobacco mass by now. I am sorry to say its safest option toss it away as garbage.

    Many todays snuff manufacturers uses some kinda heat or chemical process to avoid moulding tobacco. For example small amount of amonium chloride or ammonia water will prevent of moulding tobacco if stored properly.

  • I feel your pain. Last night I opened a new tin of SWS Roselien which I have been saving. Unopened, stored in a cool basement. Opened the tin to find white mold had grown and throughout and then dried it into a "puck". Sad, but a reminder it is meant to be enjoyed fresh. Ah well.
  • If I may ask, what blend was that?
  • It's not worth the risk to use it , I would trash it. Specialty/Artisan snuffs are tinned way to wet IMO,  G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited August 2017 PM
    Hi guys it is not old mill but SWS Creme De Figue as I sent it to Yisrael. Apparently this stuff, lovely as it is, is well known for going mouldy if not kept refrigerated. I guess the SWS Roslein is the same.It is very moist and has no additives. I assure you it was freah when i sent it. The Lundy Foot I sent survived!
  • @matteob, I don't doubt it was fresh when you sent. How did the snuff I sent you make the trip ? 
  • As an experienced home fermenter (alcohol and pickles), I would not take a snuffle out of that bag.
  • @ArgentOrangeOK

    Yeah, I, sadly already tossed it.

    What kind of alcohol are you making ? 
  • Nothing any more. I was once a heffeweizen and mead pro, though. I do a lot of pickling and sauerkraut nowadays.
  • I've found that SWS coarse grinds are particularly susceptible to mold. Really have to keep them sealed and in the fridge. I've still got a few that have been there for years without being opened. Hope they are still okay!
  • Johnny's snuffs are amazing but, fragile due to the artisan way he makes them. Someone send Yisraeldov some more as they are well worth trying. I would agree with Japp, try picking out the spores and lower the ph with salt. Also store excess in the freezer.
  • If I put my stash in the freezer, I'd have nowhere for food :-O

  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited August 2017 PM
    Picking out spores?? That is like trying to count hairs on one's head surely. I have a 25g of SWS Creme de Figue. I'll send Yisrael some more when the weather gets colder. Johnny might well send him a free tub for review purposes. Might be worth dropping him a line. Creme de Figue is exquisite.
  • Snuff is too cheap to be taking health risks with. If I find any mould I throw the whole lot out straight away. If you start trying to salvage it, you just throw out the visible stuff, not the stuff that hasn't become visible yet.
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