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Dholakia Sparrow Cool

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited August 2008 in General
I've not used a menthol snuff in 20 years, for me they are tasteless and just lack any real character. As Namrata was kind enough to send such generous samples however, the least I could do was try it. And it's superb. A dry, fine snuff with a distinctive, almost sweet, tobacco background taste but - most surprising of all - the menthol has not been tipped in the mix by the bucket load. At last, a menthol snuff that tastes of something and has the medicated part applied sparingly. I have used this for several days now and it gets better and better - a great snuff from a company that is producing some terrific flavours.


  • bobbob Member
    one of my new ffavorites. I never thought I'd love a snuff that finely ground. The menthol is just a hint but enough to add flavour and some coolness superb
  • Dholakia seems to be really taking off, the new range is excellent. Dholakia and Toque are what I'm using at present.
  • bobbob Member
    I agree. O.k. still useing other snuffs. My Dholakia and toque supplies are shrinking dramaticly. Espcialy the Dholakia I love the hint of sandalwood that all their snuffs seem to have. I also think my new favorite packaging type is the bullet refills.
  • The bullets dont seem to influence the taste either, which they seem to do with toque
  • bobbob Member
    I've noticed this. I think it has to do mostly with the bigger payload. Which I really like that I only need to do two bumps to get a fix. Though I think the manjul is my favorite of all of them.
  • I couldn't deal with the Manjul, that was too heavy on the menthol for me. Actually, at the moment by way of a change Im indulging in a spot of IHT No22, good stuff that
  • bobbob Member
    love to try it. HOw does the grind of IHT compare to manjul or kamal (which is the one I meant, though I love manjul too though)
  • Very similar bob, even the same type of colour
  • bobbob Member
    cool I really like that grind it works well for me. Easier then heavier snuffs actualy.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • If you meant how to snuff toasts, just hold a pinch under your nose and breathe in gently like you're trying to smell something nasty you really don't want to smell. Keep your fingers moving together to expose more snuff little by little. The slightest airflow will pick it up.
  • LOL! I remember learning how to snuff Rooster without 'knocking my eyeballs' out! I occasionally forget what I'm doing and get a RUDE awakening! Snuffbox has the right idea when it comes to these snuffs.
  • Hopefully we're going to get a new generation of menthols where the tobacco is as prominent as the menthol. Dholakia, I think are leading the way with this but I was lucky enough to sample some toque menthol proto types recently and they were really fantastic, hope they make it to market.
  • All Dholakia snuffs are super-tasting to me but I love Manjul best (I love Swiss Chocolate more but that's in a different catagory) Dholakia comes a long way, over 300 years I believe, and their snuff is different from anything else I've ever tasted. It's a pity that it's not available from all snuff stores.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Pieter - (Are you in the Netherlands?) 300 years? Wow I had no idea, and as a historian this intrigues me! The Manjul somehow reminds me of W&S Crumbs of Comfort? Some spearmint there? Today I'm pinching Ganga, which is really a snuff that I might take to!
  • Pieter is the properiator of De Kraglinsen snuff,amirite? :D
  • Roam - ah - thanks for updating me :) amirite I don't know however? :))))
  • Sparrow cool is definitely what I would call an expert snuff. You have to have good pressure control when sniffing it to get it just into the nose and not back to far. Way too dry for a big old snort. For me it is very similar to high dry toast in that respect. If you have the nasal pressure control, you can't beat dry snuffs, imho.
  • Oh but I am a great fan of High Toast - it was the first snuff I ever tried. I really like the Wilson no 20 High Toast. I have serious problems with moist snuff! It rarely even makes it into my nose, and then half of the pinch will fall out again - and guess what a social effect this has on other people? Ha ha :o) I love Princes, but I am very bad at pinching moist snuff. The very dry ones contrary work best for me. I never get No 20 in the throat - but I guess we're all different and thank God for diversity :o)
  • with moist snuffs I like my spoon. Pinching seems to not work well with really moist snuffs.
  • Viking and Roam, I live in South Africa and I'm a finacial advisor running my own company. Wish I was the owner of a snuff manufacturing plant !! Then I would have been rich AND I could enjoy free snuff. I order all my snuff from Tim except for Toque which I get directly from Roderick. I love Dholakia snuff with Manjul being my favourite. One must just be careful, it can hit you hard if you're not used to it. I sniff it from the back of my hand, taking very small amounts, but often. After 3 or 4 consecutive sniffs, my nose is used to the taste and I can risk bigger sniffs. Sparrow Cool is another of my favourites, there is no other snuff available to equill it in smell and taste. That's what I love about Dholakia, there products are unique. Viking, I'm sure if you e-mail Namrata she will share with you the history of their company. She is the wife of the present CEO and I actually have a photograph of the couple on my PC. Whisper me your e-mail address and I will let you have the photograph with Namrata's permission.

  • Namrata's e-mail address:
  • Pieter, I'm not sure you can get rich running a snuff manufacturing plant? Maybe?
  • Ja well, maybe, but at least I will have free snuff !!
  • You could be rich in spirit
  • Nothing wrong with free snuff.
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