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Six Photo snuffs are back in stock.


Does anyone know if Abraxas are still producing snuff?  

Is it possible to order from them direct? 



  • @Bagombo I think you are out of luck. Nigel shut down to my knowledge
  • fredhfredh Member
    This is a very sad turn of events. 

    The end of an era.
  • Sad indeed. Better stock up on SWS  before Johnny decides to pack it in altogether
  • Johnny has no intention of quitting as far as I can gather.
  • I'm glad SWS intends to keep crafting .. I've only just discovered Lundy Foot and love it !
  • bobbob Member
    Sad that Abraxas has stopped. Their main snuff was incredible and the dragun menthol was my go to snuff for a long while. :( I hope Nigel is still doing well though.
  • ProbateGeekProbateGeek Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    My go-to was Cafe 11. Then Premium Batch Fin. Down to my last 70 grams - then what? Bah...
  • The previous posts indicate that Abraxas shut down. Does anyone know if there
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