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Wow, Taxi Blue is great!

I decided to finally branch out even further and try new types of snuff and was curious about Taxi Blue.

I recently got a tin in the mail now and I just want to say wow, what a great snuff this is!
I feel like it really appeals to me who grew up with course loose snus, and appreciates something a bit coarse, plain and effective. It sits very comfortable in the nose. I thought it would be muddy, like some people say, like you would need to smear a moist ball into the nose, lol, but that is really an exaggeration. It's a lot like Viking in grind and moisture. It's pretty well crafted in this regard. Very nice stuff. I am so positively surprised.
One could take this all day!


  • I'm a fan too, especially of Red,but they're too expensive over here!

    You wouldn't think there could be anything so divine as the smell of Hippopotamus, but there it is!
  • You should also try Babaton-Blue and NTSU-Black!
    you'll be amazed!!!
  • I'll have to put it on my next order. I just received a tin of Taxi Green. It sort of reminds me of a bathroom deodorizer, but it is very easy to take and, like you said of blue, doesn't get a horrible muddy mess going. It has a nice amount of nicotine too. All in all, I'd probably get it again.
  • I am a fan of Babaton Blue, NTSU Black, and Taxi Red. All three are great. But Taxi Blue and Green never did much for me. FWIW
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