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Places to buy snuff in Minnesota?

Hello all! New here to snuffhouse, and snuff in general. I've been a relatively heavy smoker for a while now and want to cut back and eventually quit. I've tried the ecig route and it never worked. I'm really not a fan of chew or snus. Snuff seemed to be a good option. I plan on ordering some supplies later this week, but in the mean time I am looking for a store I can stop in and pick some up. I live in the north metro, but I am in St. Paul and Minneapolis 5 days a week for work. If anyone knows a good spot, I'd love to know!


  • In the downtown Robbinsdale area there is a tobacco store. I think its right off Bottineau  Blvd. They have some silver dollar, and a couple scotches.You have to ask for it though, it's behind the counter. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the tip! I actually stopped at a place in Richfield after work yesterday just to see if they had any and they did. They had silver dollar but only in 2 varieties. It was 4.99 which was a little steep but I wasn't sure if I would be able to find another shop so I picked up some vanilla. Just out of curiosity I stopped in at the Minneapolis smokedale location as well and they had silver dollar in more varieties for 3.49 so I grabbed a spearmint there. I will be placing an order online soon so I can try out many more, but I'm glad to know I have places locally to pick some up!
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