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Recommended snuffs for beginners (and non beginners)?

Hello fellow snuffers! I am pretty new to snuff. I just purchased my first snuffs two days ago and so far I am enjoying it. I am looking to cut back on my smoking, and eventually quit completely. With the snuff I have cut back on my smoking pretty noticeably. I tried the ecig route and it did not work. Chew and snus are just not for me. I dipped when I was younger and never really enjoyed it. After a bit of research, snuff seemed to be a good option. 

After doing my research, I really wanted to find some snuff. From what I read, it was a bit difficult to come by in shops in the states. But after stopping in a few local shops, I found that Silver Dollar was pretty easy to come by. I grabbed myself some silver dollar vanilla and spearmint. So far I am really enjoying it. The spearmint is much more enjoyable for me than the vanilla. I have gone through almost the whole 5g container of spearmint in the past few days. The vanilla isn't really doing it for me. It isn't bad by any means, I just find it lacking compared to the spearmint. I have mixed the two and I found that to be rather enjoyable. 

I'm making this post because I want to get some recommendations on go to snuffs. The reason I titled this thread "snuffs for beginners and non beginners" is because though I am new to snuff, I am not new to tobacco or nicotine, and I am not new to shoving stuff up my nose. I have put some god awful things up my snooter and the snuff I've tried so far has been mild compared to some of the other things that have been up there. 

So just to give you all a bit of a reference guide, I have only tried Silver Dollar spearmint and vanilla. Both of those have a mild, but acceptable nic hit for me. The spearmint for me is enjoyable, though I find myself tooting it every 10 minutes or so. The vanilla has slightly less of a nic hit for me, and though I enjoy the vanilla flavor, this just doesn't cut it. Like I said earlier, I like the vanilla/spearmint mix. The vanilla on it's own just doesn't cut it.

The last paragraph was just covering then snuffs I've tried so far so here is the basic run down of what I can handle for a snuff and maybe will help you point me in the right direction. I love mint and menthol. The Silver Dollar spearmint was good, though the spearmint scent didn't last long. I really enjoy any kind of mint or menthol. I also enjoy anything fruity. Vanilla/coffee/toffe flavors or anything like that are also enjoyable for me. 

When it comes to scents or flavors, I really enjoy just about anything. I do prefer minty or menthol, though I also find it is easy to mix that with just about anything else.. I don't particularly enjoy the sweet or bitter scents or flavors on their own, though fruity I do think I would enjoy solo. 

I also would like a relatively strong nic hit. The Silver Dollar so far has been acceptable, but mild. I could handle a bit more, Even with large hits, the Silver Dollar isn't too much to handle. Even a stronger snuff mixed with a milder flavored snuff would be nice. 


  • It takes a while to tune in to your favourites, but you'll get there. In the early stages, other peoples opinions are pretty meaningless. It only really helps if you are asking for similar snuffs to one you already like - and even then, success isn't guaranteed. Explore different types, and you can sometimes rule out whole genres of snuff ...

    Do you like menthol yes/no
    Do you like toasts yes/no
    Different grinds,
    different moisture levels

    and so on, and so on

    When you find ones you like, you can explore others which fall into the same group. Enjoy the journey, the exploration is part of the fun.
  • " I love mint and menthol. "

    McChrystal's Highland Ice ... super menthol, easy to take, great as a mixer

    Good luck and keep us posted!  :)

  • Basis of your writing, from Indian snuffs (since those are mostly what I have) you can try 6P Super Kailash, Special, Medicated No. 6 and 66, Coffee Kick, 41 Photo Himtaj Golden. Dholakia Minty Vanilla is another good one, so is Dholakia Ganga and Kamal.For nicotine, try any of the Indian whites, though I mainly like 6P Cheeta and 41P white elephant. you can add them to normal or low nicotine snuffs to up the nicotine.

    yes, do let us know your findings and favorites.
  • try whatever sounds good to you. its amazing how much variety there is and thats my favorite part about snuff. as a tip, never throw away a snuff if you dont like it right away. they last for a long time if stored properly and you will be surprised with how your likes and dislikes will change. just revisit them occasionally, you might end up loving it!
  • Hey now some of those Indian snuffs are pretty brutal!

    Try some Poschl/Ozona President. Great menthol burst followed by a nice herbal scent after the menthol fades. Cheap, very easy to take, and smells great.

    By all means buy some Toque! Get a 6 pack of snuff bullets and try some scents. My favs are SP Extra, Spanish Gem, Original, Quit, Camphor and Clove, Raspberry, Coke, and probably a few others that I'll remember in 5 minutes or so.
  • If you're looking to get off the smokes you'll probably need some higher nicotine stuff. Viking Dark, Toque USA Whisky & Honey and Quit are a few I like. If you're in the US have a look for some American scotch snuffs, they pack a pretty big punch. I have Superior and enjoy it once in awhile.
  • I found when I first started snuffing to replace cigarettes, initially I was snuffing quite frequently every 10-15 minutes. Though for me something strange happened, as I was making the transition from cigarettes to snuff after a bit of time snuffing. I found myself needing less and less snuff, almost as if my body became more accustomed or more efficient at drawing the nicotine and alkaloids out. At this point my snuff use dropped to several larger pinches every 40 minutes and up to 2 to 3 hours. Though I still find finer drier snuffs more potent in a quick release kind of fashion having to snuff more frequently when is fine for home, though when I am out and about I prefer strong coarse snuff since these release the nicotine more slowly over a longer period of time.
    If you are still reliant on the nicotine kick from cigarettes, start out with some of the stronger snuffs like Toque USA Whisky & Honey, Quit, Ambrosia, Viking Thors Hammer and might be worth picking up some straight Rustica tobacco from Toque (Rustica is the strongest tobacco containing as much as 9% Nicotine with a greater quantity of Alkaloids which will aid in the transition) You can then mix the Rustica into any snuff to achieve the strength you desire.
    If you have mastered fine dry snuffs there are alot more higher nicotine snuffs on the market.
    Though once you get a better idea of the kinds of snuffs you tend to prefer it would be difficult to suggest snuffs you will absolutely love besides the classics most people tend to love. Best bet may be to get a little bit of everything that catches your eye so you can dial in your preferences, scent and nicotine wise.
  • I had a brief relapse with the cigs recently. After going for over a year without, I succumbed to them after some stressful changes in my personal life. Hopefully these are back under control for a while.

    I am now back off the cigs, and haven't needed anything stronger than Toque or Wilsons standard snuffs. Sure, I am pinching more heavily and more frequently at certain times, but I don't see that as a hardship. ;)

    The most important part is keep your fluid levels up. I always mention it in threads like these, because it is so important. You need half a pint for basic human function, plus half a pint per meal, plus extra for replacing the extra snot you're making with snuff, plus extra because nicotine is a diuretic, plus extra for sweating due to summer heat or exertion, plus extra is what you're drinking if caffeinated and therefore also a diuretic, plus extra initially because your body will be trying to flush out all the toxins from having been a smoker ..... pay attention to your urine colour and frequency.
  • I agree with 50ft_trad hydration is the key....
  • bobbob Member
    enjoy the exploration. One thing you'll notice after a while is there is a huge difference between great first pinch and a great all day snuff.
  • bobbob Member
    oh and you can always take a bigger pinch if you aren't getting the proper nic hit. 
  • @bob, there is only so much snuff you can put up your nostril untill there is no skin area left to absorb. I find that I git more nic from frequent smaller pinches, especially ones with drip. Too big a pinch and a lot just gets wasted. 

    All this depends on your nose size as well, how much room you have for snuff up there.
  • I'm a fan of repeated smaller pinches too. Not everybody agrees with this, and some prefer the "boxcar" technique. Some find the pinch wasteful for some reason, but I consider it by far the least wasteful and by far the most controlled. I can keep my shirt clear and nose happy by taking pinches, not so with other techniques.

    Try different snuffs, and different techniques with each of them. In time you will find what works best for you. What works best for someone else is irrelevant, as it's not their nose you are feeding.
  • As I type this I'm having a pinch of Toque Blueberry Menthol, but I mostly like non scented snuffs the past few years.

    I tend to go many hours between pinches, so I like STRONG snuffs.  If I need a fast hitting blast of nicotine I like something powdery and dry like Frybourg @ Trayer High Dry Toast.  The rest of the time I want something moist and coarse that lasts a LONG time, like Sam Gawith Black Rappee.  Be careful with the Black Rappee... I find it to be a bit of a sedative and with enough of it in my system I can find myself falling asleep over a book.

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