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US customers orders ship with ease as long as they come from outside the USA

Just had a US customer write wanting to cancel their order as they were spooked that they might get into trouble buying snuff from outside the US. 

I have assured them that the USA is one of the more advanced societies and has signed the Treaty of Bern. No Country will interfere with another Countries legitimate mail. 

Have any Americans on here ever had any problems with mail being illegally interfered with?


  • I've never had a problem ordering or receiving anything from you or Mr snuff. Usually my snuff arrives in 10 to 14 days. I have had only one order out of a hundred take a little over a month to get. Might have been held up by customs but I still received it.
  • Never had any issue at all and I've ordered a lot of snuff.
  • no problems here
  • Never had trouble. Just got a big 450g bulk tub of F&T French carotte from Mr Snuff that i was a little worried sailed right thru...same with Toque earlier this year
  • A couple of times I have had SG tins opened. Once the lids were put back on so loosely that I'm lucky the snuff didn't spell out 
  • But when ordering American snuff from Mr. S to be shipped to USA be wary. I've had a hassle and you may not get what you ordered, as in missing tubs that are listed on invoice but not in the box! Shipped from a U.S. address. :-?
  • i just got some rooster in the mail today. i get my orders in 2 packages. i get the scotches in about a week from the US address and the rest in another package from MrS a week or so later. so far its only been the american scotches i get separately. i dont know about toqueUSA or silver dollar. ive ordered many scotches and never had a problem though 
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