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Northerner Free Shipping

edited August 2017 in General sent an email notifying me that this weekend only they're offering free shipping on all products worldwide. I figured I'd post it here in case anybody hadn't signed up for their newsletter.

Also, I'm new around here. This is my first post other than the introduce yourself section. Hi, everybody!

EDIT: I now realize this doesn't leave much time to order. For some reason I thought this was still Saturday. Boy, is my face red.


  • How fresh is their snuff ? Looks like they have lots of old stock. 
  • edited August 2017 PM
    Actually, I couldn't say. This is my first order that includes dry snuff, and after logging in and changing my shipping destination to the U.S. the selection of dry snuff dropped to nine items. Seven were Silver Dollars priced too for (presumably) old product, and two American brands that were slightly overpriced (but not available locally in the larger size offered on Northener). Although I wanted to, I just didn't think I needed to add 4.65 ounces (big can) of Tube Rose to my order with how light my wallet felt since I've never even tried it. I decided on a smaller order than I'd planned of other tobacco items to take advantage of free shipping.

    While ordering, I suddenly remembered trying to order snus a while back and not being able to get some brands that I liked, and ordering elsewhere. Something to do with the hated regulations here regarding labeling, from what I read searching around a bit. That and other silly rules always seem to be the cause of not being able to obtain tobacco products that used to be readily available, and for much less money due to taxes, of course.

    Rules of any kind aren't exactly my cup of tea; and when they govern a plant, then that's just ridiculous. Taxing it like it is today in the U.S. is just plain, ugly greed.

    What's next, tomatoes? People really like those. Heck, they've even got nicotine in them. It could happen soon enough, I fear. {Ketchup, the "snuff of tomato products" will fly under the radar for a while before being sucked up by the tax machine after some clever thinking. The monies collected will go to fund anti-obesity campaigns featuring awful advertisements after the government realizes it's the ketchup in fast food meals that is "making" people get fat (according to a skewed take on already junk "scientific" studies). As if it were any of the government's business how much body fat someone possesses. The useless cycle will continue to drain pockets and infuriate consumers while lining the pockets of government busybodies and politicians.}

    Next on the list for "vice" taxes is orange juice, milk, eggs and bread. Pumpernickel and raisin bread are grandfathered at a nickel per loaf maximum since nobody wants that. Sliced white bread, ten bucks by 2035.

    Okay, time for Grandpa to be quiet about rules. I did order about ten cans of assorted American moist snuff and chewing tobacco at a very low price, since those companies can no longer mail their products to their own country's money-paying citizens like me and prices have skyrocketed. Somehow, sending it to Europe makes it cheaper, at least it is before shipping it back here for way too much.

    I should have posted in the other tobacco forum, but I'm new and didn't realize their selection wasn't what it used to be. My mistake. Again.
  • No sense in bitching. be grateful you live here and not canada or australia. They rape their tobacco users. US is extremely inexpensive compared to the rest of the modernized world.   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I suppose you're right. There's no sense bitching about the way a government treats tobacco users.
  • While true about us Canadians paying more then our share in taxes for tobacco. A few shops are open that are aware of this for snus, snuff,pipe tobaccos, and package with "care" so they have a better chance of getting through.

    Even honest shippers like mr.snuff who put snuff right on the parcel get through, never paid any duty on snuff.

    Oh and to keep on topic I've ordered snuff from northerner once and would not do it again.
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