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Mr. Snuff

What happened to Mr.Snuffs selections. So many things are gone...? What's up?


  • I think a lot of it had to do with snuff companies paring back their product lines due to some EU bureaucratic nonsense.
  • AamonAamon Member
    They could be getting rid of the old stock and replacing it with the new packaging. It seems like there are alot of specials at the moment.
  • I have noticed the same problem i couldn't place an order for my favorite McChrystal's Anisette.

    i am hoping it is because snufftaking is becoming more popular as a cheaper alternative  to smoking.

    Taking some snuff now ... And Loving It!!!!!

     McChrystal's Anisette -- A piece of heaven that makes my nose sing 
  • So many good snuffs gone. Terrible.
  • I thought I had read in a post a couple months back that the company was leaving the EU? Maybe they're trying to sell off a lot of current stock before a move? I have a soft spot for Poschl so hopefully it will still be available. I don't know where else to find it.
  • The UK voted to begin negotiations on leaving the EU. That sounds like a process that could take years and possibly end with them not leaving after all.
  • Should I start panic buying yet?
  • Sounds worrying!
  • @Afterglow That train has already left the station. Many many snuffs have now been discontinued. There's a few still lingering on shelves, but most stockists now seem to be carrying the new renamed/rebadged reduced lines. I don't know how Poschl are affected, as I avoid mentholated snuffs.
  • @Afterglow. Any of the discontinued flavors are probably not worth buying as they are probably old and stale... That has been my experience. 
  • My experience is that if snuff is well stored it lasts for many years.

    In fact snuff well stored will last longer that the EU.

  • @yisrealdov Don't say that! Most of my stash is discoed stuff :-SS I was having a rummage this weekend to see how my stash is holding up, and found about 1.5kg in unopened tins, a few hundred grams in opened tins, and several kilos in glass jars of various sizes.

    Thankfully, a lot of the "old and stale" stuff is just dormant, and can be woken back up with a little rehydration. It is true that some snuffs do change in storage though, or at least they do seem to. I have lost a fair bit to mould too. Even sterilised glass jars are no guarantee of snuff longevity. Some last, some don't.
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