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Getting ready for Octoberfest here...

Looking for some great info on the shmalzers and halb shmalzers for a "new" thing..  I was reading up on the history and some of the varieties but really cannot discern what is a traditional and what is a go-to favorite while with friends. Any help would be appreciated. What are some of your plans for snuffing during this festive season?


  • Well, since that went over like a wet towel in the bed....My bud and I are each grabbing a bag of poschl and Sternecker.  Hopefully these are agreeable as we will have collectively 200g. of fermented tobacco to literally JAM in our schnazzz.  We will see how it goes.
  • Locked and loaded for bear. Extra clips ta boot.
  • Just stocked up on 700g of Poschl's varieties. Should be set :^)
  • How do you guys store these shmalzers? I am thinking just putting some in a tapbox to carry around... 
  • I like big pinches of them so I just decant into a smash box :^)
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