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Six Photo snuffs are back in stock.

Rustica is back!

Just to let you guys know we've got some more Rustica and it's back on our site.


  • Just out of curiosity - why does it have such a fine grind? It's kind of brutal.
  • Fine grind Rustica is great, it delivers fast high nic. thrills!

  • Fine grind is great for blending. We can grind bespoke to whatever you want plus, we have a course grind for Snus makers.
  • Make snus what? Interesting @Roderick
  • What is ment for your mouth. As the word indicates.
  • @nicmizer I didn't think it possible to make snus from snuff. Yes I know the history, just never occurred to me!
  • All in the process of the leaf.IMG_20170821_105442

    These art my nine maturing Rustica plants I just clipped the flowers off. Have many more I will grow when they get out of diapers under lights this fall.
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