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Toque USA Peach

@roderick Great stuff. Any way you can get your other flavors to last this long ? 


  • I could if I used chemical flavourings however, I simply refuse to do it and I think I have the backing of you guys. When we use 100% natural flavourings we get true flavours but sadly some fade incredibly quickly. 

    One of my favourite snuffs is Toque Grapefruit but, you have only 1-2 weeks at the most to use the whole tin before the flavour starts to fade. None of our other snuffs, thankfully, don't fade anywhere near as fast as Grapefruit. 

    Absinthe, on the other hand, is so strong if left in the same pocket for a couple of weeks will contaminate most flavours. I know it happened to a tin of chocolate I had in a jacket I didn't wear for a couple of weeks and the chocolate reminded me of Swedish liquorice chocolate. Which incidentally, I really don't get?
  • @roderick Can I understand from this that Peach is a chemical flavoring ? You just reminded me that I forgot to add grapefruit in my last order..
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2017 PM
    Absolutely not!!! 100% natural! Chemicals will never enter our mill. Yisraeldov, how could you say such a thing. ;) 

    Peach is one of the strongest natural flavourings you can make. That is why we can't do a Banana snuff. You just can't make natural Banana flavouring.
  • @Roderick, Ok Ok.

    Strange that peach is so strong. 

    I hope your not investing too much time in trying to make a banana snuff.

  • No Chance! LOL!
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