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McChrystal's Chocolate / Aztec


  • Is this chocolate flavor made with Rustica snuff? Sounds interesting as I have lots of Aztec tobacco plants that are almost mature and ready for curing. I also make my own version of dark bitter chocolate snuff.
  • No Idea .
  • I'm pretty certain it's not. The Aztec is just the result of the renaming to avoid direct chocolate flavour reference, rather than a reference to tobacco varieties.
  • At first I didn't like the renaming, but now I think I have changed my opinion. The power off suggestion can really play a large role in the smell you get from a tin of snuff. That is why I try to not read the descriptions and make my own opinion on what I smell. 

    This snuff is one of those that is, chocolaty but more complex than just chocolate. In contrast to something like Toque Lavender, that is what it says on the tin, no more, no less. 
  • I don't care if they call it "Herbert, The One Legged Blancmange Juggler". As long as we can all keep getting access to the snuffs we want, all is good.
  • It is absolutely ridiculous. If we get pushed (which we are not being) we are going to call all of ours NOT Chocolate, NOT Raspberry, NOT Peach and any other twist we can use to poke fun at their stupidity. Any rebels out there got any other ideas, I am very open to them.
  • I didn't want to imply that I, in any way agree with the forced renaming.  It was more that I like to make my own decisions on what a snuff, with some complexity smells like to me.
  • Yisraeldov, Don't worry I know that is not what you meant. I get what you are saying. 

    It is the forced renaming that hasn't been thought out by Brussels that I am angry about. This is why Britain voted to leave Europe. We are fed up with a pox ridden bureaucracy of unelected fools telling us what we should and should not do or how we should think. 

    I think that might give folks an Idea how I voted in the referendum. What it doesn't say is how much I love my fellow Europeans. A united state of Europe is a terrible idea. A united Europe is a brilliant idea. 
  • @Roderick, I think we are getting into dangerous territory, but I think that thought policing is a problem in most of the western world ( Israel likes to think of its' self as a western country ). 

    Need to let people make their own choices about tobacco, just provide them with accurate information about what they are getting into. It is even worse that they are putting out inaccurate information. Putting on a tin of snuff a warning "this will make your teeth fallout" just turns the whole thing into a joke. 
  • I'm now "over" the initial upset. Some very nice snuffs have been lost, though hopefully someday they may return. For those that stay, I don't particularly care what they are called. I'll enjoy a pinch of Sicillian Burst just as much as I would a pinch of Mild Lemon.

    I don't resent Toque St Clements not being called Orange and Lemon for example, and personally I wouldn't get too upset if other names were forced to change later.
  • @50ft_trad  I agree with you. The actual name is less of the problem, just having the government tell us what we can name it is a problem.
  • Being over here in the "Americas" so to speak gives me some insight into Chocolate as a flavor in itself.  Aztec does give the traditional "Latin" flavor of chocolate which is quite different than European flavors. Maybe its all in the name. I dunno, but to me, that is the experience which I crave from my snuffs.  Difference. 
    As for the name....To each their own. This world is big enough that we can call ANYTHING chocolate and have it mean something else entirely. Its our experiences that rule that domain. Not some branding.
    And as for Rodrick...."I love you".  ROFL!!!  Your snuffs are great, and your ideals are great as well.  I have a very tender heart for the "little man" trying to carve out an existance in small business with a product the public wants.  There is my "Capitalist" side... 
    I really hope Europe and the world in general can get their act together.  Here we see Marijuana legalized, overuse of Pain meds...But wars on tobacco in general...I don't get it.
  • edited August 2017 PM
    @Roderick :Adulterous Birthday Cake , Banned Blueberry Menthol , Bootleg Gin & Tonic , De-Ratified  Raspberry, Enjoin Roasted Coffee , Forbidden Fruit ,  Illicit Mint, Illegal Chocolate covered Cherry, Interdicted Licorice , Intollerable Truffle , Masculated Menthol , Precluded Peanut Butter, Preposterous Unsancitoned Promegranate , Outlawed Toast,  Unbearable Cheese & Bacon and the list goes on. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited August 2017 PM
    I also think the only rebellious stunt needed is the rich plain tobacco FU EU snuff, described as the scent of freedom. (with 20p from each purchase going toward buying a big cactus to stick up Junker's arse)

    :P >:)
  • Careful guys... getting policial on a thread about chocolate snuff.
  • Yeah, fair point. Just meant in good humour ;)

    Well, mostly anyway :))
  • DxxDxx Member

    I was rather hoping that it was named in tribute to the short-lived chocolate bar of the '70s

  • @Dxx shoot an email or a tweet to McChrystals and ask them. 
  • DxxDxx Member

    Hi yisraeldov,

    my tweet received a swift response and, as I half-expected, the nomenclature is based upon the Aztec civilization's crucial role in the development of chocolate.

    (I always preferred Topic bars anyway)

  • @Dxx , that is one thing great about snuff, is that you can actually communicate with the manufactures. 
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