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yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
edited August 29 in Types of Snuff


  • Any review of this snuff is how it is now and not accurate to how it was. SAD. Should be reviewed and considered a vintage snuff to not confuse how it will be to a nubbie nosers. Cary on as that's life.
    Old reviews are what is most accurate.
  • @nicmizer, you are correct. I should be labeling these type of reviews "Vintage" 
  • @yisrealdov I discovered a neat trick with the grill thing on the Molens boxes when there's still a decent amount in them. Close lid, shake vigorously, open lid, and a nice dose should be sat waiting for you on top of the grill ;)

    They are a bugger for drying out though, and it's not worth taking the time to hydrate them all unless you're going to be sticking with one snuff till you've emptied the box. I just store it dry, decant some into a day box (usually by cutting out the grill), and rehydrate in small amounts.
  • @50ft_trad, I get the feeling that grill was meant to be removed.
  • i wonder how Jaap's been...
  • He has popped in occasionally since the mills shut, but sadly we don't see as much of him on here are we used to.
  • @1sweetbriar: Thanks for your interest. I am doing well, but no more snuff and no more windmills.  As 50ft_trad mentioned now and again I follow what is going on on this site. Now I spent most of my time studying the genealogy of the family Bes in combination with the local history of a village called Westzaan north of Amsterdam. So still busy.

    Kindest regards,

    Jaap Bes.
  • @snuffmiller Great to hear from you Jaap, and good to hear you are keeping yourself busy and out of mischief ;)
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