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Favourite snuff with the morning coffee

SvHSvH Member
edited August 2017 in General
Good evening all,
What is your favourite snuff to take while enjoying a cup off coffee trying to wake up in the morning?
I noticed that not all snuffs go along well with coffee. A mentholated snuff helps waking you up, but it also makes the coffee taste horrible... At least to me...
So, what are your suggestions? I haven't figured out yet what to snuff to take to replace the cigarettes in the morning.



  • SvHSvH Member
    Oh, and btw, I drink my coffee black, so no milk, no sugar and fairly strong.
  • Wos IHT#22 or F&T HDT or Bernard Gekachelter Virginie...or...or...
  • SvHSvH Member
    Well, the IHT #22, good one, haven't thought of that one. Going to give it one a try tomorrow morning! The other two I haven't tried yet, but read good stories about them.
    Thank you!
  • Whatever is in the day box, although the coarser snuffs are more welcome as I am clumsier in technique till I have fully woken.
  • i know you said you dont like it but i happen to love menthols with black coffee. strong menthols like L260. to snuff a pinch and then smell the coffee is wonderful in my opinion
  • Well, I wake up with tea, but my morning always starts with an ever-strong white snuff. Any of the triumvirate of White Elephant, Cheeta, or my favored Dholakia White.
  • Toque Toast and Marmalade.  Its my go to Coffee snuff.  If it's really strong coffee, i can use some Choco Mint from WoS.  Or a Xmas Pudding from Toque as well....
  • Something like a plain tobacco like NB Madras or an Indian white like Cheeta.
  • I may get smirks or sneers, but I really savour a strong dose of 6p Coffee Kick with my coffee. Tea, however, requires a different snuff for different teas. Assam goes well with a toast. Earl Grey needs a citrusy SP. Haven't figured out Darjeeling or Ceylon yet.
  • I also drink black coffee, and try to find the best snuff to go with it. I find that toque makes some good ones to go with coffee.

    Toques base tobacco has a biscuity smell, that goods good with coffee.


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