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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Moist snuff recommendations, please

My first order contained 2 moist snuffs; WoS Best Dark and Abraxas Cerise.  I hated them.  3 months later, I like them.  I've also developed an affection for Taxi Green.  I like menthol and fruit as well as natural (but not super pungent) tobacco.  Any recommendations?  I also like to keep my dollar signs on the lower side.  I got the Abraxas as a freebie from Mr Snuff- otherwise, I'd probably not buy it.


  • Maybe you should taste the F&T Princes. It has notes of straight tobacco and geranium... although is not my kind of snuff, as I do really prefer dry ones.

    (Note: hope I am not saying any nonsense as I am quite new here, too, and recently learned about the difference between moist and dry snuff. Any Captain here?)
  • Santa Domingo
    Brunswick (if you can find it)
  • SG Black Rappee

    Poeschl Schmalzler A

    Poeschl Schmalzler D

    Poeschl Sudfrucht

  • Another vote for SG Black Rappee. I'm enjoying it even more now that the weather is cooling down. I have to figure out how to keep it all in my nose as a lot of it falls out and makes a bit of a mess!
  • Into the Mr Snuff cart with Princes and Black Rappee.
  • classic fruit menthol if you haven't tried it is poschls gawith original (I think that's what it's called now). Used to be called gawith apricot.
    Toque also has some good menthol fruit scents.
  • What do you fellas think of Taxi Red & Black snuffs?
  • Taxi Red is good snuff , G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • when i see "moist snuff" i think american dip. its written on the cans. its the real name of the tobacco that is commonly referred to as dip
  • Taxi Red is good but even better is Babaton Blue and NTSU Black!(both moist and coarse)
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