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Snuff on shirt

I have recently returned to snuff after a long break. I keep getting it all over my shirt. I do not remember having this problem before. Any solutions?


  • Use a bullet until you are comfortable with the pinch. Use a handkerchief while snuffing to avoid dropping any on the shirt. I think you just need to spend more time with it and eventually you'll drop none or negligible amounts.
  • You could match your clothing to the color of snuff youre using that day :P Just until you get the technique down packed again. As newbiesnuffer said using a handkerchief should keep it off your shirt.
  • i still have that problem with fine snuffs. i just accept it as part of snuffing. at least im not burning holes in everything i wear with cigarettes embers anymore  :))
  • Snuff on my shirt is usually a sign that my nose is to dry, or I alreday have too much snuff up there.
  • Have you grown a beer belly since then ?

    If the snuff is not on the lower part of your shirt but on the upper, you may have overdone the gymnasium  exercises on the pectorals.    
      In that case I would suggest a sports bra.

    :)) =))

  • Don't wear a shirt. Problem solved :p
  • As mentioned above, it may be a dry nose (or inadequate fluid intake) that's the issue. Try drinking more fluids, then taking a smaller pinch and waiting for this to set your juices flowing before "loading up" with bigger pinches.

    I always pinch, and very rarely get any on the shirt. If I do, it's either fluid intake, or operator error (generally from using a snuff I haven't had in a while, and taking a couple of pinches to get acclimatised with the technique again)
  • Pinching the lower part of your nose together after administering ensures snuff stays coated in your nose too
  • its not falling out of my nose i just drop it during my pinch. its only with fine snuffs so im not sniffing as hard. it just spills off my fingers. for me i guess its just bad technique. ive only been snuffing for about a year and a half so ive still got a lot to learn. 
    moist and course snuffs sometimes fall out off my nose so i usually will let them air out a little and then run it through my mortar. i also feel like i get more of the scent once i grind it up
  • I don't tend to snuff anything finer than SPs, with the exception of a few such as Dr Rumneys Brown. However, I find the trick to keep your shirt clear is never actually open the fingers when you sniff, just relax the pinch. It sometimes takes a few sniffs to take the whole pinch, but so long as you don't mind taking a second or two longer, it just adds to the experience.

    Once you've taken the whole pinch, put the pad of your thumb right up to one nostril and sniff off the bit that's stuck, then do the same with the pad on your index finger with the other nostril. With a little movement while you sniff, you'll dust off any lose snuff on your nose and finger without getting it down you.

    Clean fingers, clean shirt, happy nose.
  • If that fails, wear a bib :))
  • CaptainLezoCaptainLezo Member
    edited September 2017 PM

  • Snuff bib Image result for bib 
    Just saying Lol
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Pope Pius IX....
  • I guess he used snuff so readily, that he changed his garments multiple times daily. After all, it was all white!
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