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Silver Dollar Blueberry


  • @roderick I just got a comment on youtube saying that the SD is just a repackaging of regular toque. Now I know that can't be 100% true because there are some silver dollar only flavors. But can you confirm or deny that some of the flavors are just repackaging on regular toque? 

    Right now I am in the middle of reviewing SD Cola and comparing it to Toque cola, and I get a much more "cola" scent from the SD version. 

    What makes the SD different than regular toque.

    Please also feel free to comment on the youtube video, and leave a correction there. 
  • All our snuffs have a slight or significant difference. No two toques are the same. The SD range snuffs most similar would be SD Natural - Toque Natural the only difference hear is the SD is a little more toasted and dryer and the other one is SD Cola - Toque Coke and now that we are upping the flavour in Toque Coke they will be very close. I think we might add a little Rustica to the Toque Coke. The rest either have a flavour difference or hint of Menthol.
  • The hint of menthol is why I've steered clear of the SDs and stuck to the core range. Everyone's taste is different, but thankfully the likes of Roderick ensure there's enough diversity so that all our tastes are catered for.
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