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Small Snuff Boxes

Does anyone come across very mall snuff boxes? I take very little, 1/3g per day or so, so a box that holds 10 or 20 grams is of no use to me. I mostly use small glass vials and they work excellent, but you can't pinch from them-- I have to decant a bump into the boxcar or anatomical snuffbox and sniff from there. it'd be nice to have something a bit snappier for special occasions and the like. Something that holds <5g, and flip top for pinching. Not sure such a beast exists.


  • I reuse the 10g Toque tins. They may hold more than you're looking for, but that means plenty of space to get your fingers in for a pinch. Just because a container holds 10g, doesn't mean you have to put 10g in it, but the smaller containers don't always leave room to get your fingers in properly. I find the Snuffhouse snuffboxes too small to get a pinch from, particularly as the level drops, and I have to tap out onto my hand and pinch from there. Very inefficient.

    Also check out the smashboxes on MrSnuff, and the travel pots at your local Pharmacy/drugstore.
  • Try searching for image
    small round storage tinon ebay, you can find some cheap tins that way. 

    I find the smashboxes from Mr Snuff are hard to use and fall apart. 

    Also try:

    pillbox in Travel | eBay
  • I re-purpose 10g Toque tins as well, they work great. 

    Some time ago there was a post about snuff boxes made from old coins. I've been wanting to get one but haven't yet. A larger one may be suitable for pinching.
  • Try art supply store for pigment containers, hard plastic w screw top, they make little tiny ones hold maybe a gram or two of snuff
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited September 6 PM
    Hi aguineapig, you certainly snuff a tiny amount, I myself take at least 2/3 of a gram each time I snuff, anyway I think Icepick has a good suggestion
  • edited September 6 PM
    I have a small sterling silver box but you also need small fingers. it about 2X bigger than a Quarter 20170906_150929
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • That small amount you could use a poison ring Image result for poison rings for sale  and snuff right out of the ring. 

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • McChrystals makes a 3.5 gram tin. its not a very good container, its like a WoS and hedges L260 tins. no threads, just metal sliding over metal. many do not like them but i use them. not sure if this is how you post a link but here it is:

  • The coin pots from here are good...
  • Small containers from 2-3g (and up to 20-25) are very common in beauty/nail art shops.
    Can be plastic, metal and glass. They're very cheap and often come in sets.
  • AntonAnton Member
    edited November 1 PM
    This is what i've got today from some Chinese online nail art store.
    Surprisingly, those tins come with spoons :)
    Toque 10g and Med.99 5g tins for scale.


  • I use 5gm WoS tins .. perfect for my usage.
  • Maybe a tic tac container might work.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited November 13 PM
    I use lacons containers. I think I use the 1/20 container. Can't remember. They work well, they are not fancy though.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited November 14 PM
    I can't recommend the small clear plastic threaded containers. I have many of them:




    The problem is that these containers are far from airtight. They are only marginally more effective than leaving your snuff exposed to the air. Any snuff will be bone dry within two months.

    I recommend amber glass twist top containers. I use 2oz (will hold 30 grams of snuff well packed) and 4oz (will hold 60 grams of snuff well packed) for storage and decant into small 2/3 oz (will hold 10 grams of snuff well packed), as you see here.


    These are all available on Amazon right now. The 2oz and 4oz are
    available for next-day shipping, typically around $1 each. The 2/3 oz
    containers may take up to a month to arrive and they are around the same
    price range.

  • Wow! If you only started snuffing when you joined here, that's an impressive collection. Well played sir! You remind me of me.
  • Thanks @Zanaspus. I started snuffing about 12 or 13 years ago and I have been following Snuffhouse ever since. I got back into snuffing in a big way about 5 months ago and joined the forum more recently. What you see there is actually a small fraction of my collection. I will lay it all out for a photo shoot at some point, probably whenever a snuff collection thread resurfaces.
  • @willynelson I agree you shouldn't use plastic for long term snuff storage, but for carrying a small amount with you for daily use it will be fine. From what I'm gathering by the op, it sounds like he is looking for a small container to carry some snuff with him.
    Definitely use glass for long term storage.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited November 15 PM
    @willynelson - Fan of your collection. 

    @aguineapig - The cream colored top ones here are small and convenient. They are tiny threaded plastic tins which hold 5 grams approx. You might find them at the store where you get your plastic related kitchenware.

  • @psicko You are absolutely right. Plastic is fine for daily use. I should read more carefully before I rush to comment. Hah!
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