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Coming this Weekend

RoderickRoderick Member
edited September 2017 in General
Toques new creation, eSnuff - Vaping Tobacco. 

As some of you know we have been working on a vaping snuff for the last year and now it is ready. The launch will take place this week end. To quote one of the sample panel, it is "The best cigarette you never smoked". 

Equal to 150 cigarettes for GBP 4.99 USD 6.49


  • No symbols @Roderick #-o

    Noob! :))
  • Noob, LOL!
  • I thought that vaping was water with nicotine and flavors. Is it also tobacco ? 
  • ^ the vaping your thinking of is ejuice vaping which is the more popular kind, there are also dry herb vapes that are used to vaporize tobacco and other "herbs".
  • The weekend is over. What did I miss, and where should I have been looking?
  • I am super curious about this. When I have cash I'll try it. I've vaped other tobacco and it almost works but the taste is off. Certain elements come through more and others much less. So a product by Roderick designed for this seems awesome.
  • We had a hiccup over the weekend and it is going up tomorrow.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    So I take it can use this product in my Davinci Ascent vaporizor, what is the optimal vaping temperature for this tobacco? 
  • Aamon, yes we even sell DaVinci vaporizers. I haven't used the DaVinci yet but, on others I tend to start on the middle setting then move to the high setting.

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