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Bullet in the hand or in the nose?

Hi everybody,

I have done some research and some threads have been written about it, but somehow I have too much respect to make a thread written 3 years ago to float again.

In those few months that have passed since I started sniffing as you can imagine the first thing is to order the probably most significant snuffs (not sure if I did it, I am a noob after all ), and the other one is to find the way of taking snuff that suits better for me. So it was only yesterday when I used the Toque acrylic bullets not to sniff but to put a small quantity of snuff in the back of my hand. And it has been the best way so far. Using the bullet straight in the nostril results in a feeling of getting a snuff dust up to my lungs, specially using fine dry snuffs such as HDT. But sniffing from the back of my hand helps me by having 2-3 different snuffs for the day in my pocket occupying a small space; picking the adequate quantity (is much more than I thought , though), not getting my fingers stained nor the snuff spoiled from the can  and most important, having the snuff gently applied to the right spot in my nose.

What is your experience?


  • I use the contents of those small bullets in two sitting but I am no noob. The only wrong way is the uncomfortable way. If you have trouble with dry snuff try a drop of water first it will give the snuff something to stick to. Glad you found a use for the bullets!  :D
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'd bin the bullets and take off the back of the hand. I only use bullets in extreme conditions and I honestly can't remember the last time I was in an extreme condition. 

    And that is coming from the man who makes them.
  • I agree with Roderick, albeit my preferred method is the pinch
  • Thanks @Roderick... then for this purpose one of your flasks will be better, that' s why i already ordered one.

    Also wanted to say... love your snuffs so much! Thanks a lot for the great job!
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    Marketing at its best!  =))
  • Aamon, I'm sure I'm related to that guy who had a chain of high street jewellers. The one who said "My Gold earrings were cheaper than a Marks and Spencer sandwich and wouldn't last as long'.

    I know bullets are great in the right place but, I'm just not that outdoor type of chap that needs them. 
  • @Roderick so what is the best way to take snuff while driving ? I haven't found anything better than a bullet yet .
  • Or especially while riding a motorcycle, the boxcar method sure doesnt work :P  
  • Yes, two valid reasons. 
  • Snuffing while driving or cycling?
    For me snuffing only while relaxing...
  • @tobaccobob, you don't ever need relaxing when stuck in traffic? Also I use snuff at late night driving to keep alert/awake. 
  • I love how on the motorcycle you don't need to snuff using the bullet and it puts it in the perfect place as long as you're doing under 90kph. The tiny air hole seems to do a wonderful job of lightly dusting the snuff into my nose, sometimes I need to pinch my nose after removing the bullet only when I'm really dehydrated though. Time and place I guess.
  • yisraeldov yes I see what you mean, but for me,snuffing is like drinking coffee or alcohol and I prefer them in a more relaxed situation...
    When stuck in traffic for me better works chewing tobacco!
  • @tobaccobob but don't you have to spit with chew? Do you just spit out of the window ? Seems like it would be too distracting for driving. 

    Also I think I would prefer anything in a relaxed situation, but if I would wait for them I would never do most of the things I enjoy 
  • No,no,not out of the window!just in DIY spitoon...(paper/plastic cup etc).

  • I use the bullets to stealthily tap a bump on my hand at work. I drop a lump in my palm then pinch it when nobody's looking. It's better than having to open a tin every time and i can almost open the bullet with one hand.
  • @yisraeldov it's like scratching an itch if you're a new driver or you don't have years of experience it's going to be distracting. If you've been driving and chewing for a while it should be second nature to do either at the same time.

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