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Old Paris and Fribourg and Treyer.

A few questions: what so you guys think of Old Paris? Apparently it is flavoured with Arrack but I get no taste of dates (unlike SWS Thrice Brewed). I get the book stacks at the London Library, leather, shoe polish and linseed oil. It is growing on me a bit but smells foul out of the tin.

Also has anyone got any knowledge of the original Fribourg Old Paris and Princes? How true are Wilson's to the original? I really wish I could have been around when that shop was open.


  • I really enjoy Old Paris and agree that the overall scent is not that of dates.

    Your descriptors of old books, leather and linseed are quite accurate, IMO.

    There also seems to be a light floral aspect ... like the ghost of the old librarian.  :)

  • @matteob

    Old Paris is a firm favourite of mine now.  
    The first few times that I tried it I was not very impressed, but like a few other snuffs that I now enjoy, it slowly revealed itself to be an excellent blend.

    I also wish that I had visited the shop when it was in business.  Unfortunately I only took to snuff relatively late in life, and so missed several opportunities to visit the place.

    "has anyone got any knowledge of the original Fribourg Old Paris " 

         unless the odd tin or two of the original stuff turn up, I think we will be left to the honesty and integrity of the current recipe holder and manufacturer of the present day article, and hope that they are adhering to the original recipe as far as it is known, and as close as modern ingredients can get to it.

    Beau Brummell was said to use Old Paris, and he died in 1840 aged 61, driven insane by syphilis.

    I have found a newspaper article for the sale of Sir Thomas Clarges possessions by a Mr Creasby in Brighton, England, (UK)  in May 1834.
    The snuffs mentioned are........  " a quantity of Old Scholten, and French Carotte, Old Paris and Masulipatum....."    

    So Old Paris dates back to at least 1834.
    Unless a museum has any, or a tin is discovered in someones loft or basement etc.  we will never know.

    It might not be a bad thing in the end.  We may find the original grinds, blending and ingredients way beyond our tastes, not to mention the hygiene practices of the original makers.  

    Oh I do wish that I had visited the shop when I had the chance.


  • A curious thing about snuff and my nose is that I take my  Old Paris inside a nice warm house and get one set of smells from it.
    When I go outdoors The smells become more intense and differ slightly
    It happens with quite a few snuffs.   Plain tobacco snuff smells tend to disappear fairly quickly whilst indoors, but revive themselves when I go outside.
    It would be interesting to see if this works for you, start indoors and after fifteen minutes take a stroll outdoors, and see if there is any change.
    It may be the cool air temperatures affecting the nose,  or possibly getting the blood circulation going faster,  I have no idea really, but well worth giving it a try.

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