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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

MS Deliveries within Europe?

Greetings, everyone.

I'm off to Prague in a few days. Rather than taking my dwindling supply of snuff from Jakarta, I'm hoping to order and get a big tin of Dholakia White sent to me at my AirBNB place over there. I need to time it reasonably well, I'll be there over about a week before shuffling off to Berlin. Anyone know how long it takes (roughly) for orders between UK and Europe? Or Czech specifically?

I sent a message to MS service a few days ago, but not heard back yet. Leaving tomorrow.



  • kekykeky Member
    edited September 2017 PM

    No idea... Come to visit us in the UK and we shall supply you with lots of lovely snuff.

    The EU is a non-democratic regime that forces you to accept all sorts of unsavoury policies. We here in the UK have started to win our freedom and we can supply you with the best snuff in the World.

  • According to experience - it depends, I think 1 week is probably safe enough. Alternatively you should be able to buy some WoS snuff at some tobacconists. 
  • J-boy, sorry I can't help with your query, I just wanted to say enjoy your trip :-bd
  • Jakartaboy, I'd give it 2 -3 weeks and tell the BandB to expect a parcel. We've had a few problems in Czechoslovakia.
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    @Roderick, that's kinda depressing. I thought the one good thing about EU was that goods were meant to flow freely and smoothly, all that kind of thing. Must have been reading the wrong newspapers. I was figuring three or four days. It takes about three weeks to get to Indonesia, and we're a corrupt third world country, with a big ocean in between!

    @MichaelP, any specific tips on outlets there?

    Thanks, all!
  • @JakartaBoy: Etrafika at Blanicka 3, probably best tobacconist in Prague, they should have quite nice selection of Wilsons( at least they used to have recently), something might be also at Sherlock Holmes at Vodickova ( not that good personel though)
    I could actually help you myself, but I am off from Prague until next month...
  • Thanks, @MichaelP! Appreciate your input. I googled and it looks the way a tobacco shop should look. Enough tins of this and that to give hope that some of them contain snuff, although the site is in Czech and translated badly. I'll swing past and check 'em out.
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