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Snuff House Internet traffic volume

I don't know if anyone has any metrics on the SnuffHouse website visits; but it seems to me that the volume of postings has dropped off significantly over the past few years.

What is going on?


  • There seems to have been a very significant drop off since the EU TPD fiasco. I don't know if that's less snuff users, less site users, or just less to talk about.
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    I'm quite happy to blame the EU for a lot of our problems, but perhaps not this one. Maybe 'commenting' has had its day. I wouldn't be surprised if the downturn was similar all over the Internet.

    I don't see the amount of comments on Youtube material that there used to be. I certainly don't bother commenting anymore. Likewise I deleted my ID on the Guardian's comments section when I realised 1. I was talking to myself. 2. I was wasting my time and 3. So many other commentors meant your post was way down the line in a few minutes (see point 1)
  • We also forget that the downturn coincides with some toxic comments before the current moderator team was put in place. Maybe I place too much weight on these, but I wonder...
  • It also could also be due to EU TPD that there is less commenting now. Leading up to the TPD alot of people may have joined to understand and talk about the politics while having the opportunity to ask their own questions.
    You could probably get a rough gauge of the drop or increase in the number of people here, by comparing the numbers of people commenting in the "Whats in your nose?#13" from now and a few years ago. You will have to dig up an earlier thread than #13 though.

    Though on a side note I hadn't been commenting or been on as much due to taking up cigarettes again. Now trying to quit again and using snuff I'm back on and commenting more often. 
  • It will pick up as the weather gets less friendly.  I use to post in the nose thread and a page or two would go by. Now days go by and the same few people posted several times and still on the same page. I think it has to do with conversations ,they just ain't happening. Every answer has been recorded so not many questions are being asked. Also places like face book is more interactive where people have live time discussions and the comradery is present. 

    You can like a post here but no one knows who like any post. had likes, agrees and another categories anyone could see who awarded you points. It also had a quote feature so if some one mentioned you the quote would be attached , you and anyone else knew exactly what they were referring to.  and there was a section for best/most popular post of the week and a running board showing the top contributors. 

     This new Vanilla killed tons of fun. Snuff is a great source for snuff enthusiast and I hope it remains on the web way after Mr Snuff is done with it, he is the third owner.     
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm guilty of saying less because all my questions have been answered, and I have settled down with an established stash. Everything that I take a pinch of, has been snuffed and commented on by me before.

    There was a time when I would be taking pinches of 10+ different snuffs every day. Now I'll stick with the same small selection (or even just one snuff) for days at a time.

    I don't think everyone who was on .org came to join us on .com either.
  • Exactly concur with 50ft_trad   i still check everyday and hope i may have something to contribute in the future.
    Snuffhouse certainly helped me immensely an a new snuffer and in figuring out my top 3 or 5. So thanks all of you!
    I really like the history--old newspaper and literary pieces
  • Like others have stated all the questions have been asked over & over so not a lot to post about , I do try and post something just to help keep the forum active but I still don't have a lot to say these days. I think it will pick up when the weather gets cold. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • well for one thing there was a point where there was almost zero info about snuff online. Any basic question required knowing someone who snuffed. Hell even what scent is this queens snuff. What is different from one snuff maker to the next. It was just a different scenario. And like has been pointed out most questions have already been answered.
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