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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

eSnuff - Now for sale on toque

'eSnuff' is now live and available on At


  • =)) @Roderick No symbols yer great pillock :))
  • Which tobaccos are used in this new concoction?
  • I'm going to show my ignorance - what is esnuff? Do you use them with e cigs?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    Pillock right enough! What I should have typed.

    'eSnuff' is now live and available on At GBP 4.99 and USD 6.49 it is incredible value when compared to 150 cigarettes.

    "The best cigarette you never smoked" 
  • 'eSnuff' is a completely new tobacco product that you vaporise in e cigs that have chambers for tobacco not liquid.
  • Aamon, 

    You'll have to become a director of Toque before I tell you that trade secret.
  • So what's it take to become a director of Toque? How many of these qualifications do I already have?

  • Bob, You're over qualified.
  • What about a trainee? Ever thought of it?
  • It looks like an interesting concept, particularly for those still wrestling to give up the cigs. The tobacco is well priced too, and certainly gives a cost incentive to make the leap. I'm not in a position to be able to splash out for the necessary hardware though, and am not hooked on the smokes like I used to be, so I'll stick to shoving Toque products up my nose :D

    I wish you every success with it, and hope it gets many more people off the smokes. It certainly has a lot going for it.
  • @Roderick I assure I hear that all the time and it's never something I'd let get in the way

  • Sounds novel but I will stick to traditional snuff :)
  • @matteob me too, I'm kind of disgusted by the whole vaping thing.
  • I'm not sure I'd really classify vaping tobacco in the same light as ejuice which could have anything in it.
    I'm thinking I might give it a shot considering i'm finding it quite difficult this time around to make the transition from cigarettes straight to snuff. My only concern is if my Davinci Asccent has enough battery to last me a whole day. Though if it is truly an equivalent to 150 cigarettes worth in those small containers for $5 in aus that would be atleast $80-$120 worth of tobacco probably more. I'll do a review once I get around to picking up a tin.
  • sounds like an affordable version of philip morris vaping tombacco "iqos". Not bad idea, but i'm not sure I like the "snuff" in the naming, its a cigarette substitute not snuff " as in tobacco up your nose" XD
  • Yeah those Davinci vaporizers are surprizingly expensive too: well over a hundred quid :/
  • When you compare prices, and include the free eSnuff, our Vaporisers are the best value on the market today. 

  • What does it taste like? Is it like a straight tobacco flavor?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    It tastes like a very clean tasting cigarette. You get all the flavour of the tobacco without the bitter taste a real cigarette gives, particularly when you get towards the tip.
    The Menthol is even more of a clean almost refreshing taste. It's so cheap give it go and find out.
  • Best of luck Roderick
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