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Coming back, popped some older tins...

GrimGrim Member
edited September 2017 in General
I've had some toasts that have been fine even after 2 years but my older Toque tins have me wondering if they are ok to take.

They've been kept in the house and never had any mold issues but when I pinch from the Toque tins (roughly 2 years old and my favorite brand by far) the tobacco just sticks to my fingers like a pancake. I'm basically pinching and it's no longer a powder - just a flat tobacco pancake.

Guess I should toss these and just order more or would you all still use them?

Good thing about snuff is it isn't expensive I just hate the wait time for the deliveries ;)


  • If they are mould free, I would definitely use them.

    Older snuffs can be a little flat if the tin is densely packed and unopened, but they will fluff up when you start to use it and create a bit of space in the tin for it to expand into. A vigorous shake when the lid is on helps too.

    Also some can dry out a little further over time, but they "wake up" well when rehydrated. To rehydrate, I only do small amounts at a time (2 or 3 days worth). Transfer some to a day box or empty tin, and put this in a tupperware container overnight, with a damp tissue or paper towel at the other end of the box.
  • Run it through a sieve it should perk right up.

     If you pinched from the tin it may be oils from your skin that made it clumpy. I decant into air tight glass jars and fill a box from there. I can only speculate this is the culprit.

     Could be house humidity or even kitchen fumes. Dry tobacco has sponge like qualities and will absorb flavors ,vapors and contaminants alike.

       Tins rust ,Plastic tubs perminate, and Aluminum decays and release gas and small particals. Glass does none of that and keeps snuff at optimum freshness when stored out of sunlight and rapid temperature changes. Keep doing what you are and expect the same.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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