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History. No.27. Recycling Cigars. 1892.

ArtChooArtChoo Member
edited September 2017 in General
From an English Newspaper,  October   1892.


At Bow-Street yesterday, Geo.Cooper , a waiter at the Tivoli Music-hall, was charged with unlawfully offering cigar ends for sale.
It transpired that the employees at places of amusement collected cigar ends, selling them to be made into new cigars, thus infringing the law.
The accused had told a detective he could sell him 30 lbs of cigar ends at a shilling a pound.    The magistrate however, held that the accused had not offered them for sale within the meaning of the Act, and discharged him.


Around the same time there are a very lengthy set of newspaper articles on the same subject with The Revenue getting involved, due to the East End cigar makers in London not paying duty on the recovered,old cigar butts they were making into new cigars.

I have also read about cigarette stumps, pipe dottles and cigar butts being collected by organised teams of children, and being sold to snuff dealers for mixing with fresh tobacco and making snuff. 
 Reports of children following anyone with a cigar, in the hope of collecting the discarded cigar butt.   Again the revenue was involved for non payment of taxes. 

This was not only happening in the UK but I have read about a Bavarian charity openly requesting cigar butt collections to recycle into fresh cigars, with the profits going to fund an orphanage.

In the USA,  the same again.  They collected cigar butts and any old corks that they could lay their hands on.   The corks were sent across the Atlantic and sold to the UK Linoleum making companies.

So recycling is not a modern fad.

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