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Sir Walter Scott gone or not?



  • Sir Walter Scotts still going, I believe Johnny is still making snuff though in smaller quantities, last time I heard.
  • Thanks @Aamon .. MrSuff needs to get some some in then ..
  • I don
  • Keeps cutting off my comments ..
  • Yes, SWS is still going. In fact I just received a brand new tub of newly made St. James Parish blend in the post to-day. Fresh & sweet natural tobacco blend, that still packs a goodly nicotine. 'punch'

    Hopefully Mr. Snuff will have it in stock soon for you all to purchase.... Fill your boots.


  • I hope he's still experimenting. I've had Thrice Brewed and Pontifact Priory in my rotation today, but would love some interesting plain varieties. Loved Lundy Foot and Havana Toast.
  • MrSuffs stocks are low, which is what gave me concern that they may not be producing anymore. I need to replenish my Lundy Foot stash ! Thanks for putting my mind at ease guys.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    Johnny is still going strong just received a delivery from him the other week. I don't know about retail outlets for Americans though. I buy mine from The Pipe Shop in Edinburgh but they don't sell to the US after a run in with the DFA :/ An Australian should be able to buy from them though. They can order you what they don't have in stock. Last resort would be to try to order from Johnny direct. He is a member here and a very nice guy so sure he will see this at some point and be able to sort you out. He is very small batch though I think.
  • Thanks @matteob, Ill check out the pipe shop.
  •  @matteob I'm planning a trip do Edinburgh in October, what is the name of the tobacconist who stocks it? wouldn't mind getting some there.
  • You may be able to contact Johnny directly over snuffhouse. He was more than happy to supply some Creme De Figue I so dearly miss and send fresh from the store.
  • @Liam it is called The Pipe Shop in Leith

    Failing that Sir Johnny is your man. He did me a special order 20g of Creme de Figue. He sent it to the Pipe Shop but he may be able to sort you direct: ask him.
  • Yes, the pipe shop on Leith Walk, Edinburgh is a great place to buy SWS snuff. They even have there very own (not available anywhere else) 'festival snuff' made especially for them by Johnny. It is a moist sweet Damson snuff, if you get the chance to "bag" a pot ... go for it; I can recommend it! And I will say that the tubs are often over-filled.

    I was chatting to Johnny recently & he mentioned a possibility of a slightly modified version of one of his well known snuffs that may come out in the future. So he is most certainly still in the game & thank goodness for that, I say!

    It all depends on you all! If you buy & appreciate this hand-made organic snuff then it has a possibility of a good future. If you don't buy it, then why would a one-man operation bother to produce it anymore? It makes sense.... use it or loose it.

  • I heartily agree I will always have some of Johnny's snuffs to hand. The diference in quality compared to the mass produced snuffs is marked particularly in the pure tobacco flavours. The Sweet Golden Horn and St James' Parish in particular. This is how I feel snuff was a few hundred years ago! He uses some very rare and costly tobaccos too so the price is not huge: you get what you pay for.
  • Another agree. Just got Golden Horn and Latakia from the Pipe Shop. Excellent service, and even the most expensive one is less than a pack of cigs and will last a lot longer. I'll always have SWS to hand, not had a duff one yet. :)
  • Only problem is that The Pipe Shop don
  • I give up .. what is it with my posts getting cut off ?
  • Put simply .. pipe shop no take MasterCard
  • well you can order from Johnny direct. I won't give out his details here but drop him a line via the pm here and he will sort you out.
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