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Bulk snuff.

TalljimTalljim Member
edited September 2017 in General
Hi all,
Do any of you bulk buyers have any tips for keeping it in good condition? I am planning on buying some bulk SG and wondered if there's anything I need to consider with moist snuffs like Black Rappee and Scotch Black.
Thanks in advance.


  • If kept in an airtight container in a cool dark place it should keep for decades. Air, heat, light and temperature fluctuations are the enemy of long term tobacco storage
  • I use pint size Mason jars..when it gets to half empty I transfer to 1 cup jar to keep the air volume down.
  • Not tempted to buy in bulk really as I don't want to risk the stuff going stale. I am not a massively heavy user and have several tins on the go at the same time. Plus snuff is not that expensive and my suppliers are reliable :)
  • bulk is king. And mason jars will keep it better then any tin ever would
  • Bulk snuff doesn't go stale and if you put stale snuff back in its bulk container the bulk snuff rejuvenates it.
  • Pick your container size so air is kept to a minimum, and decant into smaller containers as quantity goes down. With bulk moist snuffs, I tend to use more smaller containers, so even if one tub gets hit by mould, I haven't lost the lot. Mould is always a risk you take with moister snuffs in storage, and you just have to take it on the chin when it happens, so splitting a 500g drum up into 100ml glass jars is a smart move. Accept that some WILL go mouldy despite your best efforts, and stock/store accordingly.

    Drier snuffs are less prone to spoilage, but even so, I would NEVER dump any snuff back into bulk. The only thing that goes into bulk snuff is a clean spoon.
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