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Bitty little lumps

Whether I use a 10g tin or snuff from a 500g tub, I find there are lots of these little lumps. They are heavy enough not to stay in my nose and thus fall onto my shirt or the table or whatever - floor. It finally occurred to me to sieve my snuff and remove the lumps - this works a treat and I snuff away much more pleasantly now.

Having tried everything I can think of to reclaim the snuff the lumps are made of, I've failed completely and so throw away the several grams - not a huge amount but an annoying waste. Has anyone else found a way to break down the lumps? Why are they so hard and resistant to crushing, dissolving and being whacked through a sieve?

So far, effort expended vs snuff gained results in binning - but there must be an easy way, surely? The sieving vs dirty shirt equation means I shall be sifting away for the duration.


  • i use a mortar and pestle. you can get one pretty cheap. then you could also grind coarse snuffs down to your liking if you prefer a finer snuff. from my experience it is best to do small amounts at a time
  • Many thanks, peacock! Grand idea and one is on its way to me now.

    I expect I shall soon find out if I exceed the 'small amounts' guidance.
  • Awesome, glad to help!
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