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WoS Natural

What ho,
It may just be me, but I think Samuel Gawith snuffs are on a much higher level than WoS. You always get a strong tobacco scent with SG that you don't get with WoS. My personal tastes are generally pure unscented snuffs, but I also love subtle scents too. Hats off to WoS for irish 22, and HDT, but I've just got their Natural and I'm sure it has a slight SP scent. Is it just me? I'd love to try their pure tobacco base but I don't think this is it.


  • Natural seemed to have a slight almost-lavender scent to me. Not SPish, but slightly floral. Makes a good mixer with F&T florals to dilute them. Wilsons new "Alberta Plain" would be the ticket to see what their base is like, as they made that to sell in Alberta where it's illegal (apparently) to sell flavored tobacco.

    Wilsons SPs are better than Sammy G's, I believe. Also try Wilsons Best Dark to compare to the famous SG kendals. I would compare it favorably to the latter. But SG does set the bar for those dark, briney, smokey, leathery, amazing tobaccoey snuffs.
  • Cheers for that. It will get snuffed, but it does have a scent. I'll check out the Alberta Plain, but I do seem to like the dark and dirty best... ;)
  • In WoS's defence, their Dr. Rumney's Brown is a lovely pure tobacco snuff. It seems they get other peoples blends better than their own. (With the exception of #22.)
  • Try Best Dark also. A fantastic, salty briney smokey base, like how viking dark used to be, with some citrus notes. similar to kendal brown original. F&T santo domingo and princes are the same base I think, with absolute violet and geranium respectively (the latter much more powerful) if you don't mind a floral. Great occasional snuffs.
  • It was my first snuff this bought on a whim in Scotland. It was ok but a bit to hay like for my taste. I didn't finish the tin. I ended up throwing it away.
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