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Is there a cartel on Vaporizers

Every company appears to sell these at the same price yet with our points system and our free tins of eSnuff we are undercutting the competition by as much as 50GBP's / 65USD. Are we going to have trouble from wholesalers or is free competition ok?


  • I see what you did there lol
  • Quality wise you pay for what you get. For undisclosed herb use the portable herb vaporizers are well priced. Considering some of the large brand standalone vaporizers could set you back $700 +. I bought the Davinci Ascent 3 years ago since i'm always outside on the run and the vape is still running like the day I bought it. I did snap the glass tube once (maybe twice :P ) so luckily there is a spare included, I ended up buying another 2 spares anyway which was well priced at $15 for all the new glass setup. For my usage I can go through around 2.5g of herbs before I need to recharge which is almost quadruple the battery life compared to my mates Pax which he paid almost $200 more for.
    All i'm trying to say is once you start researching alternative portable vaporizers with variable temperatures that are also reliable whether they be convection or conduction. The Davinci's are in my opinion the best on the market. Personally I do not like Paxs' are Fireflys though, the only upside to those is that you can buy replacement batteries though you'd need 4 or 5 spares to reach the same battery life of a Davinci, you're basically paying for the size difference of the unit.

    By the way the vaporizer cartel takes undercutting prices seriously there's probably already a price on your head. 
    Though seriously, no kidding there is pretty much a vaporizer cartel here in Australia larger ecig companies are driving small shops out of business through force.
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